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Top 10 Best Hogwarts Legacy PC Mods

A cinematic mod for Hogwarts Legacy.
Hogwarts Legacy via Nexus

Top 10 Best Hogwarts Legacy PC Mods

These mods are the best magic trick.

Hogwarts Legacy is already an incredibly fun game to play, but there are always some things that can be improved upon, especially when you’ve got the power of a PC and mods. Thanks to the Nexus Mods community, there are a bevy of different things that can be added to the game to make it that much more interesting and fun. With that in mind, let’s get onto our brooms, prepare our potions and find the 10 best Hogwarts Legacy mods you can download right now.

Cinematic and Realistic Reshade

An example of how the cinematic mode looks on the game.
Image Source: Hogwarts Legacy via Nexus Mods

Considering Hogwarts Legacy has some pretty big cinematic shoes to fill in regard to the franchise, it only makes sense that some players want it to look more like a movie. Thankfully, the cinematic mod gives players the ability to do just that.

In this mod, you’ll be able to change the atmosphere and graphics considerably, while also improving lighting, shade, and texture details in every pixel of the story. Just about everything here lets you improve the look and experience to the point that it’ll make you feel as if you’re the lead character in one of the movies in the Harry Potter franchise.

Game Pauser

Image Source: Hogwarts Legacy via Nexus Mods

One of the most frustrating things ever when playing a video game is realizing you need to get up and step away from the TV during a cutscene but you don’t want to miss anything, especially when the game doesn’t let you pause them like Hogwarts Legacy. Thankfully, PC users won’t have to rely on the same tricks as console players, as the Game Pauser mod is a game changer.

As the name suggests, installing this mod will allow you to pause cutscenes at any point in Hogwarts Legacy, meaning you can get up and use the bathroom or get a drink without having to worry about missing out on the story.

1 Billion Coins Save File

Become the richest magician in Hogwarts.
Image Source: Hogwarts Legacy via Nexus Mods

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a thing you want, but you can’t buy it because you just have started the game and are still low on Galleons. So why not incorporate a mod that will help you “make it rain” from the start?

Known as the billionaire-mode mod, when you install this to your PC, your character is given 1 billion coins that you can spend on whatever cosmetic upgrades and purchases you please. And while the say is that money can’t buy happiness, it certainly can buy many fun gadgets for your magician character.

Thomas Broom

This is the VIP way to fly.
Image Source: Hogwarts Legacy via Nexus Mods

One of the great things about being a magician in Hogwarts Legacy is that you can finally fly around on your very own broomstick. We’ve all dreamed of that as kid, and it’s hard to think of anything that could be better…unless you’re like me and grew up watching Thomas the Tank Engine.

The Thomas Broom mod does exactly what the name implies, transforming your broom into everyone’s favorite talking train from the Isle of Sodor. While it may look a bit awkward, with the broomstick poking out the back, it’s certainly the most interesting way you can ride around the local, and is reminiscent of Harry and Ron’s flying car from the Chamber of Secrets.

More than anything, though, it’s pretty much a right of passage to have Thomas the Tank in your game if it’s on PC at this point.

Arachnophobia Mode

For those who hate spiders more than anything.
Image Source: Hogwarts Legacy via Nexus Mods

Some people hate trolls, others hate Slytherin magicians, but just about every sane person out there has some sort of rational fear of spiders. If you’re an Arachnophobiac, then you’ll want to install this mod as soon as possible.

Simply named the Arachnophobia mod, this will swap every spider in the game and transform them into boxes. The boxes will continue to move and act like a spider, but at least you won’t see their eight legs, moving around, coming at you, wanting to bite you, and using their venom.

To quote Ron Weasley: “Why spiders? Why couldn’t it have been follow the butterflies?”

Realism Overhaul Reshade

This is how Hogwarts Legacy should look.
Image Source: Hogwarts Legacy via Nexus Mods

While the cinematic mode is all well and great, if you’re looking for super realistic visuals and gameplay, then you’ll want to take a look at the esthetic mod. This mod is responsible for reshading everything in the game, improving all of the colors in it, while also making everything from the environment to the characters that much crisper, and more detailed throughout the world.

Hogwarts will really come to life, as just about everything will become vibrant and relatable to our own world. Instead of the dark and dour mood of the final set of movies, it’s obviously a lot nicer to be able to fly around, fight enemies, and complete quests when everything is less dark and more in focus, especially the large, roaming countrysides Hogwarts Legacy has to offer.

Paler & Darker Skins for Player Character

darker skin mod
Image Source: Hogwarts Legacy via Nexus Mods

The character customization for Hogwarts Legacy isn’t terrible by any means, as it gives you a wide variety of options to choose from when making your witch or wizard. However, it is a bit lacking when it comes to the number of skin tones you can sift through.

Thankfully, the Paler and Darker Skin mod for players extends these options a bit by providing a handful of new options. Just keep in mind that there are a couple of these that don’t line up with the body, but if that doesn’t bother you, or maybe that even adds to the customization for you, then you’re all set.

No Fog Mod

Image Source: Hogwarts Legacy via Nexus Mods

While the fog surrounding different parts of Hogwarts Legacy’s open world might be aesthetic, it can also be a bit much when you just want to enjoy the vistas the game has to offer. Fortunately, the No Fog mod is here to help.

Eliminating the more egregious patches of fog from the game, this mod clears up environments so that you can see them in all their unobstructed splendor. Some might look a little strange without the fog to pull the elements together, but the vast majority allow you to fully take in how gorgeous the environments are.

The mod also offers other visual tweaks and adjustments that may help make the game more visually appealing to you. These include options for turning off motion blur and depth of field blur, as well as lens flair and other visual elements that could be considered distracting. The mod is highly customizable too, so give it a look if you’d like to hone your visual experience as you see fit.

Trans Flag Scarf

trans flag hogwarts legacy

Hogwarts Legacy had a lot of controversy surrounding its release, as many gamers and fans just couldn’t get on board with supporting the title after J.K. Rowling’s comments and beliefs regarding trans people. If you’re one of the people that is playing the game but would like to stick it to the author, then the trans flag scarf mod is perfect for you.

This nexus mod makes it so that you can replace the Dark Arts Scarf with a much more colorful one, which even has the symbol embroidered on it.

Peter Potter

Image Source: Hogwarts Legacy via Nexus Mods

Love Harry Potter but just feel like it’s missing out on your favorite superhero content for some reason? Well, your oddly specific wish has been granted – especially if you’re a Marvel fan – with the Peter Potter mod.

With this mod, you’ll be able to dress up as everyone’s favorite neighborhood web-slinger, turning your wizard into Spider-Man with an official costume. While you may stand out a bit compared to other students, at least you’ll be doing it in style.

That’s it! These are the best Hogwarts Legacy mods, which you can download right now. When more are added, we will be sure to keep this post up to date so that you can continue to live out your Wizard and Witch fantasies one mod at a time.

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