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New Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Decides It’s Time to Talk About Bruno

Mirabel Madrigal and Main Character
Image Source: Gameloft

New Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Decides It’s Time to Talk About Bruno

Welcome to Dreamlight Valley, Madrigal!

After the release of Buzz Lightyear and Woody’s galactic and wild west adventures, the magical realm of Dreamlight Valley is introducing the new resident, Mirabel Madrigal, from the Encanto film. The upcoming free major update, A Festival of Friendship, will possibly launch on Feb. 7, 2022, based on the past releases, but for now, we at least know it will arrive sometime in that month.

As part of Disney’s Wonder of Encanto celebration, the Disney Parks Blog revealed more details about the upcoming content, including a re-imagination of the vibrant Casita, also known as The Casa Madrigal. However, players will get a mini version designed for Mirabel instead of the enormous build from the movie.

With this update, we could see other members of the Madrigal family, such as Pepa, Isabela, Felix, Dolores, Luisa, and Bruno, but we don’t talk about him.

Thanks to a fan feedback poll and a Community Wishlist Challenge, you can also expect more gameplay improvements. One of these features will include a house skin customization system, allowing players to choose from a variety of different colors.

Other than this mechanic, Update 3 will provide a storage enhancement, granting players the ability to load more stuff into their inventory. Currently, the game has a limit of having one large chest with a maximum capacity of 48 spaces, given that you have fully upgraded your house. Furthermore, the rest of the storage options only permit 16 spaces, which doesn’t leave much room for many items.

So, now that the Valley will welcome the latest character and offer new improvements, we can expect to see a lot of new exciting things for the next update!

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