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Destiny 2’s Latest Lightfall Trailer Confirms the Existence of Strand Weapons

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Destiny 2’s Latest Lightfall Trailer Confirms the Existence of Strand Weapons

They’re real!

Destiny 2’s upcoming Lightfall DLC continues to create more hype than needed as a new trailer has been released, showcasing upcoming weapons and gear we’ll be able to acquire.

In this trailer, we see an abundance of new gameplay, including new Strand weapons, and new Exotic Armor and Weapons. We also get more shots of the Shadow Legion, the main enemy we’ll be fighting throughout the DLC.

First and foremost, Strand weapons are confirmed. We first see gameplay of a new Exotic Sidearm called Final Warning, where it seems to be shooting out Strand rounds that track enemies. Based on the Beyond Light DLC where Stasis was introduced, it’s safe to assume we won’t see too many Strand weapons, but one can only hope. That said, it’s still exciting to see Strand weapons finally be confirmed.

Soon after, we get our first looks at some new Exotic weapons we’ll be able to acquire. First up is a brand new Exotic LMG called Deterministic Chaos that weakens enemies on the 8th round, then makes them Volatile on the 16th. Just off the initial look, this weapon will be a monster for Void 3.0 builds.

Finally, a new Exotic Glaive is joining the fray called Winterbite, the first ever Stasis Glaive. It seems the perk can freeze enemies on impact of the shot mechanic. More gameplay will be needed to truly judge how good it will be.

Finally, we wrap off the trailer with more looks at the Shadow Legion Cabal enemies, including a Shadow Legion tank. Whether or not the Shadow Legion will stick around after the events of Lightfall remains to be seen, but they are menacing, to say the least. Hopefully, we’ll see more gameplay of them soon as we draw closer to the Lightfall DLC.

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