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Which Original Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You? Take this Quiz To Find Out!

picture from battle city with marik, odion, ishizu, kaiba, Bakura, Mai, Joey, and yami yugi

Which Original Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You? Take this Quiz To Find Out!


If you grew up on the playground with Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon, then you likely have some fond memories of the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime. And now you can finally find out which iconic Yu-Gi-Oh character you’re most like with this quiz.

Whether you’re the king of games or just another third-rate duelist, you have an important role to play. Maybe you can’t be as skilled of a duelist as Yami or as smart as Kaiba. But Tristan and Tea still have fantastic qualities that make them unbeatable as friends.

It’s important to note that this quiz will only cover the first two major arcs (Duelist Kingdom and Battle City) of the original Yu-Gi-Oh series since they contain arguably the most iconic characters. That means you won’t see any characters from the virtual world arc or any characters exclusive to the seasons following Battle City.

Once your fate is determined by this Yu-Gi-Oh character quiz, don’t forget to share your results in the comments and on social media. And if you think you’re a huge Yu-Gi-Oh fan, then check out the hardest Yu-Gi-Oh quiz ever to test your knowledge of the original series.

(All images via Konami Cross Media NY)

Which Original Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Are You Most Like? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

What is your favorite Duel Monsters card?
What matters most to you?
What is your favorite color?
How good are you at children's card games?
Battle City or Duelist Kingdom?
How do you prefer to resolve conflicts?
How would you describe your friends?
Which one of these beliefs speaks to you?
What kind of card is your favorite?
Which Millennium Item listed below is your favorite?
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