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New Mass Effect Tease Is Likely Full of Hints: Possible Links to Andromeda?

Mass Effect

New Mass Effect Tease Is Likely Full of Hints: Possible Links to Andromeda?

A new tease for the new Mass Effect game possibly hints to ties with Andromeda and more.

Today is November 7, so BioWare is celebrating the traditional “N7 Day” with a brand new tease of the upcoming Mass Effect Day.

This time around, we get to see what appears to be the construction site of a mysterious “Vacuum-dock Relay.”

It looks absolutely massive, especially if the ships on the left with the cross-shaped structures are Arks, as the shape would suggest. This might also create a link to Mass Effect: Andromeda, which has been rumored.

The clip, which is available in high resolution via download, also includes the following text:

Vacuum-dock Relay Construction Record / Monitoring Station Operated by Green Dagger Ltd.
Property of Deepspace Dhow SAV / Ship Captain; Sub-Navarch Soa’Rhai Zhillan-Jones

For Interior Use Only
SA ——314—— /////11_07_90_000_1000-202.02.22 — FILE BAT

Interestingly, 11_07_90 could indicate a date in 2190, four years after Mass Effect 3, but it could also be any date ending with a “90.”

There appear to be plenty of hints scattered in the video, and I’m sure deep analysis will bring up a few answers and probably a lot more questions.

You can check it out below.

For the moment, BioWare has not provided much information about the next Mass Effect. We just know that the developers are hard at work on it with the intent of rebuilding the reputation of the franchise.

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