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Valkyrie Elysium Trophy Guide: All Trophies & How To Unlock Them

Valkyrie Elysium Trophy Guide
Source: Square Enix

Valkyrie Elysium Trophy Guide: All Trophies & How To Unlock Them

Unlock all the trophies of Valkyrie Elysium.

The latest action RPG from Square Enix has various trophies players can unlock while exploring Midgard. So, if you want to fully complete the game, here are all the trophies of Valkyrie Elysium and how to unlock each of them. Additionally, we’ll show you which achievements can only be obtained in specific chapters to ensure you don’t miss the hard-to-get trophies.

All Valkyrie Elysium Trophies

Here is a complete breakdown of all the Valkyrie Elysium trophies and what players can do to unlock them:

TrophiesHow to Unlock
Divinity AnewComplete the tutorial.
Valkyrie, Claimer of SoulsComplete Chapter 1.
Champions of the DivineComplete Chapter 2.
An Unexpected ReunionComplete Chapter 3.
Victims of the GodsComplete Chapter 4.
Those Offered the Hand of SalvationComplete Chapter 5.
Evil ArisesComplete Chapter 6.
Metamorphosis & DoubtComplete Chapter 7.
The Truth UnmaskedComplete Chapter 8.
The Fate of the WorldComplete Chapter 9.
Talk of the DeadComplete one subquest.
Icon of the DeadComplete 10 subquests.
Superstar of the DeadComplete 20 subquests.
Savior of the DeadComplete all subquests (there are 34 in total.)
A Loyal ServantReceived an ‘S’ rank on any chapter or subquest.
The All-Father’s Right HandObtained an ‘S’ rank on every chapter and quest.
An Impure SoulPurify a monster (can’t be missed and will happen after the completion of the tutorial.)
An Impure BeastPurify a Naglfar by defeating a boss with the same name. This Valkyrie Elysium trophy will unlock after you finish Chapter 1 and return to Valhalla.
PitfallPurify a monster by pushing them into a hole or off a cliff.
Lightning StrikeEliminate two monsters with a single Lightning Bolt, which is one of the initial Divine Arts you’ll receive.
Soul BurstLand a Soul Burst Level 3 attack (can be unlocked with the Attack Skill Tree.)
Soul StealLand a Soul Steal in midair (can be unlocked with the Attack Skill Tree.)
Nibelung ValestiLand a Nibelung Valesti I attack (players can obtain this technique by completing Chapter 8.)
Combo MasterRaise the Combo Gauge to 300 hits.
Commanding MasterLearn every Einherjar attack and their normal attacks.
Vestige of a SoulObtain a Hollow Blossom.
Beyond ReminiscenceObtain every Hollow Blossom.
A Mysterious FlowerObtain a Verdant Blossom.
Truth of the GodsObtain every Verdant Blossom.
Rune NoviceAcquire a Rune.
Rune MasterAcquire every Rune.
Weapons CollectorAcquire every weapon.
Anvil MasterUpgrade every weapon to its full potential.
Weapons MasterReach SSS ranking with every weapon.
Arts MasterLearn every Divine Art.
Skill MasterLearn all of Valkyrie’s skills.
ElysiumaniaUnlock all the Terms in the Collection menu (you can obtain more by progressing further in the story.)
Affinity of a SoulUnlock an Einherjar memory (players will acquire this Valkyrie Elysium trophy when they complete Chapter 2.)
Fellowship of SoulsUnlock all Einherjar memories.
Twilight of the All-FatherSpeak to Armand in Chapter 9 to defeat Odin (don’t pick up the Verdant Blessing.)
Twilight of the Great WolfDon’t talk to Armand in Chapter 9 and eliminate Fenrir.
A Momentary EscapeTalk to Armand in Chapter 9 and agree to his offer.
Unbound PossibilitiesComplete every ending: Twilight of the All-Father, Twilight of the Great Wolf, A Momentary Escape, and complete Truth of the Gods (talk to Armand in Chapter 9 after you obtained all the Verdant Blossoms.)
Mid-Tier GodComplete Valkyrie Elysium on Normal difficulty.
High-Tier GodComplete the game on Hard difficulty.
CreatorObtain every trophy.

Some of the trophies within Valkyrie Elysium are easy enough to get since several can be obtained from completing all the chapters. However, there are quite a few that may take some time, including Savior of the Dead, The All-Father’s Right Hand, and Rune Master. Furthermore, players will have to replay the endings to achieve the Unbound Possibilities trophy.

That does it for our guide on all the trophies of Valkyrie Elysium and how to unlock them. For more content about the game, you can check out the relevant links below and view the latest news, such as musical soundtracks and character footage, Collector’s Editions, and Masaki Norimoto reactions to the recent announcements.

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