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PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan Disappointed With Xbox’s Proposal About Call of Duty on PlayStation

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan Disappointed With Xbox’s Current Call of Duty Offer
Source: Activision

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan Disappointed With Xbox’s Proposal About Call of Duty on PlayStation

Find out what PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan had to say about Xbox’s Call of Duty offer.

A recent statement from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO, Jim Ryan, has revealed that he is unhappy with the current offer made by Microsoft about the continued presence of Call of Duty on PlayStation platforms.

As it stands, Microsoft’s latest proposal indicates that the COD franchise will still be available for PlayStation users after the Activision Blizzard acquisition comes into place, giving players a chance to play the games for at least three more years on the platform beyond the present contract.

However, Jim Ryan expressed his concerns with this deal and said it is “inadequate on many levels,” according to a statement provided to He continued to explain how the games have been playable on PlayStation for almost 20 years, and this type of proposal isn’t good enough for the platform’s dedicated users.

At first, Ryan wasn’t going to comment on this recent proposition since it is a private business negotiation, but he ultimately changed his mind when Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer talked about it in public. In a statement to The Verge, Spencer said that the contract goes “well beyond typical gaming industry agreements” in hopes of establishing a compromise with Sony.

On the contrary, SIE’s CEO believes the proposal will negatively affect the ability of PlayStation users to have the highest quality Call of Duty experience on the platform.

For now, we will have to see what happens next in the saga of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard and whether Jim Ryan and Phil Spener can come up with a solution to this recent disagreement.

If you want more information about this acquisition, you can check out more news on the upcoming investigation of the merger.

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