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Fortnite Island Has a Lord of the Rings Easter Egg

Fortnite Island Has a Lord of the Rings Easter Egg

Fortnite Island Has a Lord of the Rings Easter Egg

A Fortnite x Lord of the Rings crossover does seem like it would be pretty cool.

Over the course of this season, Fortnite’s Rock Kid has been building a sandcastle on a beach. A couple of recent additions have made it clear that Rock Kid is putting together the Helms Deep castle from Lord of the Rings.

Namely, that crumbled wall to the side of the castle is what has given it away completely. The screenshot we got to take of the scene even shows the Rock Kid setting more of it up.

Helm's Deep Easter Egg

It is unknown if this will lead to any sort of crossover, seeing as Warner Bros. hasn’t had anything to do with Fortnite since Chapter 2. Considering MultiVersus is probably the new home to all of the Warner Bros. IP, it is highly likely this is just a fun little Easter Egg.

Though, there have been other crossovers that started as an innocuous Easter Egg so anything is possible. This is Fortnite we are talking about, after all.

Here is the screenshot we took, including Rock Kid. You can find this on the southeastern coast of the island. If there’s more progression to this Easter Egg or more information arises from either official sources or data miners, we will let you know.

With the Fortnite Dragon Ball event still going strong, Fortnite is keeping up with being the best multi-universal game around. Though, MultiVersus is still climbing the ranks with Black Adam joining the game later this season.

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