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Best Adult Games You Can Play Right Now (Sex Games) 2022


Best Adult Games You Can Play Right Now (Sex Games) 2022

Here are the best adult games, or best sex games, you can play right now. Everything from visual novels, action titles, puzzlers and more.

Here’s our definitive list of the best adult games you can play. We hand-picked these and yes, the list includes sex games and games with sexual themes or scenes. Thus, we need to put this little red message at the top for you to read.

Warning: It obviously goes without saying, the ribald content of this saucy article is NSFW (not safe for work), NSFP (not safe for public), and NSFNH (not safe for nana’s house).

Also, if you’re interested in finding out about some of the best adult games on Steam specifically, check out that post once you’re done with this one.

Do keep in mind that the list is not in order, so make sure to browse it all to find some hot gems.

1. Subverse

Best Adult Sex Games 2022


Subverse by Studio FOV is most likely the best adult game available at the moment. Not only it comes with plenty of beautifully animated super-steamy 3D sex scenes, but it actually has great visuals, an interesting plot, lots of comedy, and good gameplay to boot!

It’s also pretty much a parody of Mass Effect, which never hurts. You’ll find yourself blasting alien ships in space and more aliens on the ground with a mix of shoot ’em up gameplay and turn-based strategy.

Sounds too good to be true? The catch is that it’s still in early access, but you can already grab it on Steam.

2. Catherine: Full Body

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Catherine: Full Body isn’t exactly a game focusing on sex, but it comes with plenty of adult and sexy themes, so it certainly makes the list.

On top of that, it comes with a fantastic story, relatable characters, beautiful art, and really engaging (and challenging) puzzle gameplay.

Of course, it also features the quality typical of Atlus games, so it’s pretty much a must-have.

You’re going to find it on PS4 and Nintendo Switch (which should probably suggest keeping your expectations reasonable in terms of sexual content), while Steam only has the original Catherine.

3. Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Senran Kagura is another series that doesn’t include any actual sex but definitely makes the list for the sexy content.

Re:Newal is a full remake of the original game with plenty of sexy heroines, costume shattering, and all the features that you would expect from the best Senran Kagura games, including all the breast physics that your eyes can take.

On top of that, the story is fun, the character interactions are a blast, and the gameplay includes plenty of fun action, so what’s not to love?

You can find it on PS4 and on PC via Steam.

4. Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Is it possible to make one of the sexiest series in console gaming even sexier? Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash proves that it’s definitely doable.

All you need is to move the setting to the beach and replace the ninja outfits with bikinis.

Once more, the Senran Kagura series doesn’t focus specifically on sex, but its content is undeniably close to the top of what a console manufacturer is willing to accept on its platform.

You also get a fun shooting game born from Kenichiro Takaki’s love from Battlefield, even if it’s definitely very different from EA DICE’s FPS series.

You can find it on PS4 and Steam.

5. Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Fallen Doll: Operation Lovercraft is one of the most promising erotic games currently available. It’s defined as a “Cthulhu mythos inspired erotic rogue-lite tactical game” and comes with a ton of sexual content.

You should keep in mind that some of the fetishes portrayed are on the extreme side, but the art and graphics are absolutely top-notch across this kind of games.

At the moment, only the sexual content is available via Patreon, but Fallen Doll is also coming to Steam down the line (with a demo already available), and the developers are working on an intriguing horror story and plenty of gameplay.

VR support is also included for those who like things up and personal.

In terms of production values, it certainly seems to have what it takes to impress even in its unfinished form.

6. AI * Shoujo

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Illusion is considered by many one of the best developers of erotic games from Japan, and AI * Shoujo certainly well-represents its lineup.

It’s a sandbox game that places you on an island with as many beautiful ladies as you want, and it comes with Illusion’s trademark super-deep character creation.

Many spend hours upon hours simply designing their ideal waifu, and AI * Shojo lets you do exactly that, but you shouldn’t underestimate the comprehensive suite of erotic gameplay available after you’re done.

On the other hand, story and exploration are a bit light, but this game certainly has other aces up its sleeve. You can find it on Steam.

7. Custom Order Maid 3D2

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Custom Order Maid is one of the most popular among the erotic “waifu creator” series in Japan.

It does exactly what it says on the tin, letting you customize your ideal maids, and then you likely know what is coming.

One of its best elements is certainly the beautiful anime-style 3D graphics, on top of the endearing personalities that you can assign to the maids.

The game is available on Steam but requires a patch (that you need to pay for) to activate the sexual content. There are also different editions and tons of additional content to purchase and it can be very confusing for newcomers, so you may want to approach it via the dedicated Reddit to learn from the masters before you pull the trigger.

8. Treasure of Nadia

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Treasure of Nadia is an extensive adventure game with plenty of erotic content for you to enjoy.

The player is set in the boots of a young adventurer who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps only to get entangled in mysterious events in the company of plenty of dangerous people.

While the gameplay is inspired by the adventure games of old, the visuals are pretty good and become excellent when sex is involved, with plenty of beautiful 3D animations.

The game has recently been released on Steam or via Patreon. If you opt for the second option, you’ll also get access to its predecessor, Lust Epidemic (which is perhaps a bit rougher but also very enjoyable), and its sequel, The Genesis Order, which isn’t yet finished but promises to be even better (see below).

9. HuniePop 2: Double Date

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Huniepop: Double Date a hybrid between a puzzle game and an erotic visual novel.

The series has become rather popular even among those who aren’t exactly interested in sexual content due to the super-solid puzzle gameplay.

This sequel comes with double the fun as it adds a degree of complexity by having you satisfy two ladies at a time via said puzzles.

The plot is pretty much an excuse for sex, but the characters are actually enjoyable and interactions besides erotic dates are quite funny.

Success will grant you plenty of hot encounters portrayed by beautiful art. You can find it on Steam.

10. HuniePop

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

If HuniePop 2 is too complex for you, then HuniePop is a bit simpler, requiring you to date only one girl at a time, and as such presenting you with slightly easier puzzles.

The gameplay is still top-notch, and you may want to check out the beginning of the story anyway.

On top of that, the artwork is by the same artist as HuniePop 2, which means that it’s definitely great.

You can find this one on Steam as well.

11. Rance Series

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Few erotic series from Japan are as classic as Rance. Since there are plenty of games and they’re all very good, we’re summarizing them all in a single entry.

It’s a JRPG series by Alicesoft that debuted all the way back in 1988. As such, many of its games come with a lovely vintage art style that will entice those who love anime and manga from the eighties and nineties.

The gameplay varies wildly, but Rance himself never changes, and he’s likely one of the funniest and clumsiest anti-heroes you’ll ever meet.

The stories and characters are enjoyable, which makes the classic sexual content even more enticing. You can find all the localized games at Mangagamer.

12. DRAMAtical Murder

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

if you’re interested in BL (Boys’ Love) games, DRAMAtical Murder by Nitro+ is certainly one of the best. It’s so good and popular that it even got an anime series (without the sex, of course).

Not only it comes with plenty of sexual encounters (do keep in mind that some are quite extreme), but the story is great, the art is top-notch, and there are plenty of endings to explore.

Many consider it the pinnacle of the genre, and if you’d like to know why, you can find the localized version at Jast USA’s store and on Steam.

13. Conan Exiles

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Conan Exiles isn’t specifically a sex game, being a full-fledged survival online RPG by Funcom.

Yet, it comes with full nudity (on consoles nudity can be partial depending on platform and region) and plenty of adult themes.

This shouldn’t surprise considering that the dark fantasy Conan The Barbarian literature created by Robert E. Howard was certainly rather saturated with both sex and violence (on top of being awesome).

On top of that, full mod support via Steam Workshop means that you can enjoy tons of sexual content if you so wish, and there are many roleplaying servers that certainly dabble in the more… carnal aspects of online interaction.

It’s currently available on Steam, Xbox, and PS4.

14. Wild Life

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Wild Life

Wild Life is one of the most interesting erotic games funded via Patreon (with a demo available on Steam, where it’s also scheduled to launch at a later time). Its developers are creating a full-fledged survival RPG with a sci-fi story that feels very promising.

Like most games on Patreon it’s still in early access, but it already comes with a very advanced suite of sexy content featuring great animations, lovely cartoon-style 3D visuals.

The finished game will include quests, combat, exploration, and much more.

Incidentally, if you enjoy furry content, this may certainly be the game for you, albeit that’s not all there is to Wild Life.

15. VR Kanojo

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Remember Summer Lesson? Have you ever thought that it was just weird that despite all the tension it never let you go to third base?

Now you can with VR Kanojo, which basically follows the same concept with the addition of sex. It lets you interact with a charming and expressive lady directly in your VR headset.

As most Illusion games, it comes with beautiful visuals and customization, even if it’s a bit light on the story and gameplay sides.

You can find it on Steam.

16. Starless

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Starless by Empress is an extremely popular erotic visual novel with an enviable pedigree, considering that it comes from the creators of absolute classics like Bible Black and Discipline.

The story is also a classic, with a young man looking for a high-paying job that leads him to a masion full of ladies driven by their lust.

Of course, the art by  Sei Shoujo is also fully recognizable given the game’s pedigree.

The gameplay is the typical branching visual novel style, but the content is far from typical and caters to… really… really… really extreme preferences. You’ve been warned.

It’s available from Jast USA alongside another game by Sei Shoujo, Closed Game, which may interest you if you like Starless, while we wait for the localization of its follow-up, Sleepless.

17. Honey Select Unlimited

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Honey Select Unlimited is perhaps the pinnacle of the Illusion concept made of extreme customization and enticing 3D visuals paired with light gameplay (besides the sex) and basically no story to speak of.

It’s pretty much the ultimate waifu creator that lets you customize your dates in every way you may like and probably plenty of ways you wouldn’t even imagine.

If you’re not feeling creative, Illusion’s card system will let you download the ladies created by others and have fun with them. On the other hand, if you are feeling creative and generous, you can opt to share yours.

Unfortunately, its sequel has never been localized, but there is still plenty to enjoy here.

You can find it on Fakku.

18. Hadaka Shitsuji – Naked Butlers

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Hadaka Shitsuji by Mada Labo is one of the quintessential boys’ love visual novels, dating all the way back from 2011.

Ever want ed to earn 30,000 yen a day ($270) working as the master of a bunch of handsome butlers? This is pretty much the game for you.

The sexy scenes are complemented by plenty of humor and an interesting cast of characters at your orders. Each butler basically caters to different tastes, so there’s something for everyone here.

You can find it on MangaGamer and on Steam.

19. Nekopara Series

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

The Nekopara series has become one of the most popular visual novels franchises in the west, having landed on consoles on top of PC.

Yet, if you want the full sexy content, you must play it on PC and be prepared to pay a bit extra.

Yet, unlike many eroge that tend to lean into darker themes, it comes with a heartwarming story and charming, sweet, and huggly characters that will make you smile.

You can find its episode on Steam starting with the first, but don’t forget the related adult content patch to unlock its “full potential.” It’s also available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but you’ll have to forget about the “full potential” on consoles.

20. Quickie: A Love Hotel Story

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

If you love Persona games, and in particular Persona 5, Quickie: A Love Hotel Story feels quite similar in many ways, albeit you’ll be more of a manager than a fighter.

The game prompts the player to manage a love hotel chain in Tokyo starting from the humble beginnings of a small hotel in Shinjuku, to and evolving into a big enterprise with larger and more challenging hotels in every ward of the city.

In the meanwhile, you’ll meet a variety of heroines that pretty much match every possible anime trope, from the bookish amateur writer to the charming teacher. Your goal is to gain their affections in a way that feels very close to Persona 5’s social links, but in this game, affection will unlock much closer encounters. On top of that, you’ll also be able to invite your belles to your own hotels, enjoying the variety of themed rooms you have built.

While the game is in early access on Steam, it already comes with a lot of content, topped by really nice art and animations.

21. The Genesis Order

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

The Genesis Order

The Genesis Order is the third game by NLT Media, part of a series that started with Lust Epidemic and the direct sequel of Treasure of Nadia (see above at #8).

You don’t really need to play the first two games, as the trilogy is designed so that each title is part of an overarching storyline, but has completely new protagonists. On the other hand, playing all three games will give you better insight into the mysteries behind the story.

Basically, if you’re here for the adult content, you can start with The Genesis Order, as its graphics have improved considerably over the first two (especially Lust Epidemic), but if you’re interested in the plot, you may want to play the titles in order. In any case, The Genesis Order is still under development and available only via Patreon, and subscribing will give you access to all three games, so you may as well enjoy them.

This time around the protagonist is a detective tasked to investigate the crimes of a criminal guild. The plot is quite interesting, even if the main attraction is certainly focused on the adult content.

22. Karryn’s Prison

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Karryn's Prison

Karryn’s Prison may be underestimated by some due to its hyperbolic art style and basic dungeon graphics, but it’s one of the best-rated adult games on Steam for a reason.

It’s actually a very complex JRPG that absolutely does not skimp on the gameplay despite its adult nature, which is very rare in this genre.

You play as Kerryn, the warden of a prison tasked with pacifying the inmates with any means necessary.

While the story is fairly simple, a lot of work has gone into creating a comprehensive gameplay and progression system that can rival the best JRPGs new and old.

The main difference is that on top of fighting your enemies with brute force, you can also decide to go with more… indirect methods.

Not only the game is very enjoyable beyond the adult content, but it can also be very challenging and it’s likely the most replayable adult game I’ve ever seen.

23. Seeds of Chaos

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Seeds of Chaos is another adult game that feels like a “proper” full-fledged gameplay experience with adult themes and content, instead of simple porn with a bit of gameplay sprinkled on top.

You play as Rowan Blackwell, a hero who saved the nation from a demon army, forced by circumstance to ally against his former home on the side of new demonic enemies.

It’s a very dark, story-heavy mix of visual novel, RPG, and strategy/simulation game, focusing on themes like netorare (cheating) and corruption. On top of these, it comes with plenty of optional flavors including both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. That being said, basically no theme is forced on the player.

On top of that, the art is really, really good, and its western comic book style definitely departs from the usual anime girls or 3D models that crowd this genre.

It’s still in early access on Steam, but it already comes with plenty of content.

24. Claire’s Quest

Best Adult Sex Games 2022

Claire's Quest

Claire’s Quest is a classc-looking dark-fantasy RPG that places the player in the role of a young woman displaced by an invasion.

It combines a lot of different themes (some of which are rather extreme, especially if you go the Patreon route, so you’re warned) with great comic-book style artwork and some quality storytelling.

While this game includes a lot of sex, this doesn’t mean that the story has been neglected, while the gameplay is definitely deeper than most of the games you’ll find here.

While the game is not finished yet, you can definitely find plenty of content to enjoy already.

It’s still in early access on Steam, but if you want more content you should likely get access to the game via Patreon.

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