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Top 29 Best Games Like Summertime Saga to Play in 2022


Top 29 Best Games Like Summertime Saga to Play in 2022

Summer lovin’ had me a blast.

After playing through all of the visual novel/dating sim sensation, are you keen on more summer lovin’ and searching for more games like Summertime Saga? Looking for some more visual novel goodness that has you dating around, living a slice of life, maybe even leveling up some abilities in an RPG format? Then you’ll get a kick out of these steamy, sexy games that are similar to Summertime Saga!

Before you get stuck in, you can check out our other compilations of naughty-narrative-driven experiences, such as Best Adult Games. We’ve also written a recent one for adult games on specifically Steam, too.

1. Ladykiller in a Bind

games like summertime saga, summertime saga, sex game, adult game

If you’re into Summertime Saga – and that’s a can of worms we’ll let you open in your own time – you may also get a kick out of Ladykiller in a Bind, a lesbian dating sim with a heavy emphasis on chicanery and BDSM.

The storytelling is a little deeper here (deeper…. oh dear), and you won’t get as much bang for your buck as you would from Summertime Saga (bang… double oh dear), but as long as you don’t mind reading a lot of dialogue, or more accurately skipping through said dialogue en route to boobies, then this cheeky little tale might whet your whistle (whistle… oh I give up).

2. Momoiro Closet

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

games like summertime saga, summertime saga, sex game, adult game

Love can be hard to attain sometimes… The object of your affection may just need a little bit more persuading than you’d originally anticipated, but such is the nature of the dance.

This is the case in Summertime Saga, and its Japanese equivalent could possibly be Momoiro Closet, a game about a secretive otaku who gets outed by the local loser, an advantage that you willingly exploit a relationship out of.

It may sound a bit on the sleazy side, but… you know what? We’re past the point of shame by now. So just know that with the addition of the adult patch, you can consummate your burgeoning romance in a manner most explicit.

You may even learn some stuff about Japanese culture along the way, too! It’ll only go as far as the phenomenon known as pantsu, but every aspiring gaijin has to start their journey somewhere.

3. Monster Prom

Monster Prom, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

Though Monster Prom may not have some of the elements found in Summertime Saga (elements that are best left unsaid), it is still a smutty little dating sim, with an emphasis on the little. Monster Prom is made for rapid-fire gameplay sessions, only a few hours at a time.

Pick a potential date for the prom, seduce them, then ask them out. If you’re good, you’ll go on a date that you’ll never forget. If you’re really good, you’ll unlock some saucy secret endings.

They never venture towards the graphic, but lord knows that Polly would be down for it, if you gave her the chance.

The added benefit is that Monster Prom can be played with up to three friends, which is an excellent touch that makes it unique from most dating sims! Summertime Saga, on the other hand, is best played alone. Very, very alone.

4. A Town Uncovered

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

A Town Uncovered, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

We can read the dissatisfaction in your face. “I want sex with everyone, dammit!” you roar, slamming your fists into the keyboard in a furious rage.

Alright. We’ll bite (especially if you pay us well enough). Should you feel the irrepressible urge to sow your wild oats all across the village like Santa spreading Christmas cheer, maybe A Town Uncovered will quell your darkest desires.

If it sounds similar to Summertime Saga, that’s because it very much is, albeit with more of an attempt at a plot; one that revolves around an alternate dimension where marathon mating is totally cool with everyone. The lore is a little on the flimsy side, we will confess.

5. Wolf Girl With You

Wolf Girl With You, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

In Wolf Girl With You, you find a shivering pup lost and afraid, and nurse her back to health. She repays you by becoming your loyal servant, and always ensuring that dinner is waiting for you when you get home. As well as, you know, other activities.

One thing that may startle you after getting used to static images in your dating sims, is that Liru not only moves around, but the animation is actually quite stunning. It’s filthy, and it’s gorgeous. Like the Scissor Sisters song, only with a lot more boobs.

6. Waifu Academy

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

Waifu Academy, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

Should you have grown tired of your typical hand-drawn graphics, the fully rendered CGI beauties in Waifu Academy just may be the change of pace you need.

Its story follows the usual tropes (nobody showers with the door closed, and pretty much anyone with a pulse is fair game), but it features a vibrant and unique cast with such staples as a tatted rebel without a cause, a sweet nerd who keeps dropping her pencils, and a nurse with questionable medical practices.

7. Lab Rats

Lab Rats, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

Who says smart isn’t sexy? In this sultry sim, Lab Rats, you’ll be working on your formulas and checking your sums in an effort to achieve your chemical romance.

It’s hard to fathom how any work on this campus gets done at all, what with all of the attractive young women strutting about, but they’ve got more than a few special talents that they’d love to share with you if you play your cards right.

As you clearly have an eye for detail, you’ll be delighted to know that the game tallies your sexual encounters with each individual character, in case you’re feeling curious or nostalgic.

8. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

Snow Daze

The premise: you’re snowed in with your bossy family and stuck indoors together for the next five days. So what do you do? Why, you invent a magical instrument that hypnotizes them and makes them bend to your will, of course!

Snow Daze features full voice acting and a myriad of depraved endings for you to consider. Plus, an ever-twisting storyline that explores the elements of loneliness, misery and self-doubt.

9. Dreaming of Dana

Dreaming of Dana, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

Dreaming of Dana follows the exploits of a spoilt rich kid who’s forced to finally pull his weight and work for his father’s company. Sounds like a rotten deal, until he begins to see his coworker Dana in a different light. Dana is also his sister.

The world of corporate pencil-pushing is put firmly on its head as the boundaries of appropriate workplace conduct are stretched beyond the point of recognition.

Will our humble hero seduce his office cohorts? What will his dad say about the whole thing? Is there a minigame about flow charts and OH&S meetings? There’s only one way to find out…

10. Life is Good Games

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

Life is Good, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

Very few of us want to share negative atmosphere. This is why the humble protagonist of Life is Good must solve the mysteries (or misteries if you want to be technical) that are surrounding his family.

Though this is a smaller project that may or may not have been abandoned by its creator, it features such compelling content as ‘milf’, ‘mind control’, ‘sleep’ and ‘investigation’.

Sounds like a recipe for fun if ever we’ve heard one. Time to make the choices that will change the course of history forevermore – all going well, you’ll find the quickest route to the naughty stuff.

11. Crusoe Had it Easy

Crusoe Had it Easy

Not quite as robust as some of the other titles on this list, but arguably a lot more enjoyable. This time, you’re stranded on an island with your cousin, Sophie.

The writing is quirky and lighthearted, but the narrative is surprisingly pensive, even confronting at times. There are multiple endings depending on how perverted you are, and it’s a short enough romp that you may feel compelled to try again for a different result.

12. Analistica Academy

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

Analistica Academy, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

Was the morality of Crusoe Had it Easy too much for you to handle? Never fear, because we seamlessly transition to a game where your ultimate goal is to put your junk inside someone’s rear end! Alriiiiiiiiight!!

Analistica Academy is a game like Summertime Saga that tells the age-old tale of Hora, one of the few surviving men on the planet. Though this makes him the object of desire for all kinds of women, he’s narrowed his options down to three lucky ladies. Much like Summertime Saga, it features obscenely large breasts and absolutely no shame whatsoever.

13. Amber’s Magic Shop

Amber's Magic Shop

Amber is a dark elf alchemist sent into the big city of Icesilia to further her training as a mage, and once she arrives, she finds more than just books to immerse herself in. Men, women – she doesn’t discriminate!

Though arguably, most players will gravitate directly towards the voluptuous vampire Ruby, for obvious reasons.

It also features crafting gameplay, since, you know, you’re working in a magic shop and all. However, this is entirely optional, in case you’re worried that it’ll get in the way of your artful seduction.

The store can wait, there’s smut to be had!!

14. Imojiri

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022


What kind of game do we have here? Hmm, it’s hard to tell at first glance, particularly with all of the kanji littering the screen. Perhaps a look at the official description will shed some light on this mystery?

Revel in the glory of hindquarters! 
Imojiri = Imouto + Oshiri (lit., “Little Sister Butt”)

Aaaaand there it is. Yes, this is a game like Summertime Saga where you covet your sister’s booty. It’s good to have goals, you know, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

15. Deardrops

Deardrops, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

In this game like Summertime Saga, after traveling the world and becoming one of the world’s leading violinists, the protagonist Shouichi returns to Japan and becomes a freeter.

That’s a totally Japanese phrase for people who don’t have a real job, and it’s the most educational thing you’ll learn today.

He joins up with a band of like-minded musicians, and together they must confront the demons of their past, learning to coexist in harmony. Get it? Harmony? Like, in music and stuff? Don’t overthink it too much, we’re probably talking about sex.

16. Harem☆Party

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

Harem Party

Because there’s no better kind of party, don’t even try to deny it. It’s even better than an S Club party, especially because you don’t go to jail afterward for trying to whip out your junk while everyone’s having a good time.

In this curious little title, you play the role of Moriuji Haru, some chump whose biggest achievement in life is that he’s about to finish off a perverted RPG on his computer.

Lo and behold, the characters from the game suddenly appear before him, eager to meet the hero of legend, and begging for his help in the fight against the Demon Lord.

There’s just one caveat, however: in order for them to remain present in the real world, they’ll have to constantly have sex with him. Better not argue with science, you’ve got the fate of humanity at stake here!!

17. The Fate of Irnia

The Fate of Irnia, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

If you’ve ever been the sort to shout out for “another flagon of mead, wench!” then this game might be right up your alley. Though to be frank, that’s really not a polite thing to say. Mind your manners, squire.

Set in the whimsical kingdom of Irnia, this game sees you as the son of a hero famous for fending off the orcs, who politely invade on a reliable schedule of every twelve years. With the population waning and spirits at an all-time low, you have just come of age, and set off on your quest.

So why is it a game like Summertime Saga? Because it’s a quest that involves sex. It’s a sex quest, effectively.

18. Sisterly Lust

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

Sisterly Lust, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

It’s the same sad story you’ve heard countless times before. In a messy custody battle, you were separated from your siblings. Whisked away by your father as a wee tyke, you hadn’t heard from your mother or your three sisters for years.

This all changes when his untimely demise leads to you being taken in by your mom, and you set your sights on your sisters, impure thoughts riddling your head. Perhaps that’s why you were separated to begin with?

Will you be able to resist temptation? Or is the allure of their feminine charms too much? Odds are, if you’re reading this article about games like Summertime Saga, we already know the answer. No judgment. Just boobies.

19. Maoten


Alright, let’s get the first thing out of the way –because we all know what you’re thinking: there is absolutely no way that that is an acceptable school uniform, right?

The gratuitous midriff is one thing, but that perpetual whale tail is grounds for suspension, surely!

Not… suspension by the whale tail, though… Don’t go there, brain. Just don’t.

But then again, you’re here for games like Summertime Saga, so let’s break it down. When the gates of Hell opened and demons were unleashed on mankind, they decided that they might just chill out instead of, y’know, skewering us on tridents and such.

Everything was peaceful until a girl calling herself the demon king transfers into your school. It seems as though all hell is about to break loose. 

20. Good Girl Gone Bad

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

Good Girl Gone Bad, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

In this similar game to Summertime Saga, you’ll play the role of Ashley, a striking young lady who is trying to decide what kind of person she wants to be.

Your decisions will dictate whether she stays on the path of righteousness, or if she succumbs to her primal urges and lands in the sack with whoever happens to be in near proximity at the time.

Whatever route you take, just think twice before hooking up with Eric’s dad, ok? That dude looks like he’s already got enough bodies hidden in the basement as it is.

21. Forgotten Paradise

Forgotten Paradise, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

Let’s play a quick game of good news, bad news.

You’re a happily married man who catches wind of an experiment that will send you and your family into space.

The reward is enough money to put your daughters through college. The catch, you later discover, is that you’re all being used to test a serum that wipes out memories.

As the only one not to be befallen with amnesia, you’ll have to decide whether to protect them, or to take advantage of the situation.

…So what’s the bad news, then? Har har.

22. Anna

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022


Summertime Saga brought light to the exciting industry of camgirls, but sometimes you’d rather watch someone who isn’t your sister. Just sometimes.

Anna is an aspiring online celebrity who wants to share her most intimate secrets with you, and you’ll be the lucky audience for all manners of depravity conducted primarily with ladies who will inevitably have severe back issues when they get older.

There’s even a sequel that details the next chapter of Anna’s love life, in case you need closure. We all know that you crave consistent narratives, after all, Summertime Saga fans.

23. Sister, Sister, Sister

Sister, Sister, Sister, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with that 90s show that starred the Mowry twins. Unless it took a really bizarre turn in the final season that I’m not aware of.

In this game like Summertime Saga, you play a recent high school graduate who lives at home with his mother and three sisters, which is always a recipe for disaster.

Scheming twins Zoe and Chloe decide to make you into their pet project, vowing to help you lose your virginity.

Their motives are fairly transparent to all but our oblivious protagonist, so you’ll have to be on guard unless you want to be on hard. Not an actual phrase. But we tried.

24. Sakura Sadist

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

Sakura Sadist, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

Poor, neglected student Azusa dreams of someday wooing the campus queen Mamiko. Despite the fact that she is completely out of her league.

She’s resigned to the fact that they’ll never be together until she is contacted by the mysterious Venus, who can supposedly bring any two people together, no matter how incompatible they may be.

Azusa jumps at the opportunity, but she must first prove her true love for Mamiko by snapping a candid shot of her panties.

We tend not to question the mysteries of the occult. Nor Azusa’s inability to stop flirting with every other pretty woman who comes her way. Dammit girl, stay focused on the task at hand!!

25. Perverted Hotel

Perverted Hotel, Summertime Saga, Games Like, sex game, adult game

In this game like Summertime Saga, an orphaned boy who reunites with the biological family he never knew he had. A two week stay at a luxurious hotel.

This can only end one feasible way, and no, that doesn’t involve calligraphy and basket weaving. (Maybe in a later patch, fingers crossed.)

One begins to ponder how exactly these people operate in society.

What with their endless desire to seduce long long relatives, but for the sake of argument, we’ll just have to assume that you, as the protagonist, are just that good looking. Kudos to you! Enjoy your stay.

26. Melody

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

melody visual novel like summertime saga

After moving to a new city and ending a disastrous relationship with your ex, you end up taking up the job of a music tutor. Your first student is Melody, the niece of a woman you meet by chance at an online marketplace.

Currently studying music in college, Melody needs a tutor to help her realize her full potential in the industry, but spending so much time with her leads from one thing to another, and things soon get steamy and romantic.

You’re not just limited to engaging in a romantic relationship with Melody, though, there are other secondary characters you can caught and get hot and bothered under the covers with, too.

Just like Summertime Saga, Melody has multiple endings, giving you plenty of reason to spend even more time with Melody and the other lovely ladies you’ll meet along the way.

Download Melody from the MrDotsGames page.

27. Coming Out on Top

Coming Out on Top is a gay dating simulator that takes a lot of inspiration from Summertime Saga. The game follows the storage of a college senior who’s only recent came out to his friends and family and now wants to fully embrace his sexuality.

There are seven different endings, including the secret ending, and you can date 10 different handsome guys along the way. If you like the explicit nature of Summertime Saga, then you’re going to feel at home in Coming Out on Top, as the game doesn’t hold back when it comes to its more explicit scenes.

28. Being a Dik – Season 1

Best Games Like Summertime Saga in 2022

being a dik season 1 is a game like summertime saga

If you’re looking for a choice-driven experience, then Being a Dik – Season 1 might be worth looking into. With overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, the game is a narrative-driven game where you play as a young male heading to college for the first time, and with it comes all of the sex, drugs and alcohol you’d expect.

Being a Dik is even more explicit than perhaps you remember your college years being, but the choices are surprisingly deep and of course you get all of the sexual content you’re looking for. There are optional mini-games if you’re looking to mix things up from the standard Visual Novel fare. With 361 animated scenes and over 8000 images, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into here.

If you enjoy Being a Dik Season 1, then Being a Dik Season 2 is out now and continues the story, sold as DLC.

29. Milfy City

games like summertime saga

Milfy City is a visual novel where the story is told through a therapy session. It sees players recounting the rather steamy events of the day before, with a ton of animations, numerous objects to interact with, and, well, your choice of older women.

If you’re looking for something a little more explicit, without as much story padding thrown in there, then this one’s worth checking out.

Hope you enjoyed our list of best games like Summertime Saga, but there is a full comprehensive list over on steam if you want even more (or don’t want to take our word for it these are the best!).

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