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First Apex Legends Season 13 Collection Event Announced

First Apex Legends Season 13 Collection Event Announced

First Apex Legends Season 13 Collection Event Announced

That Horizon skin is pretty nice.

Today we have gotten news of the upcoming Awakening collection event in Apex Legends, the first of season 13. The Awakening collection event will start this upcoming Tuesday, June 21.

There will be the usual 24 items to collect in the event through related Apex Packs. Collecting all 24 items will award players with Valkyrie’s new Heirloom, a very ornate spear named Suzaku.

Among other changes is that the LTM (limited time mode) Control will be returning for the first time this season with a map using a location from World’s Edge. Olympus will also getting a partial makeover as Lifeline finally gets her own town takeover. These are usually full changes to a named location that are themed for a specific character. This new location will be called Lifeline’s Clinic, with a “med-bay” platform inside that provides easy heals for a squad.

You can see some of these features yourself in the Awakening collection event announcement trailer below:

The trailer teases that collection items will include legendary skins for Loba, Seer, Horizon, Ash, Fuse, and Mad Maggie.

The trailer also shows off that the rewards track for completing certain challenges during the event will include a legendary Bocek skin, so players who don’t want to drop cash on Apex Packs will have their own cool cosmetics to earn.

You can see the reward track yourself as well as more details for the collection event over here.

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