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Elden Ring Weapon Tier List

Elden Ring

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List

While every weapon in Elden Ring is a viable option depending on your class and build, some are indeed better than others. As a result, we’ve done the legwork and ranked every Elden Ring weapon into a handy S, A, B, C, or D sliding tier. But aren’t there *checks notes* 309 weapons in the game?! Yes — yes, there are. *Gulp!*

So, to try and help us take on this monumental task, we’ve enlisted the help of the rest of the Elden Ring-playing team at Twinfinite to hash out the placement of said weapons on the list. In addition, we’ve also done plenty of research to figure out what the most effective armaments in the game are.

Of course, things like this are not an exact science, but with careful thought and discussion we’ve nailed down a ranking that may prove handy for any discerning Tarnished out there. So, without further ado, here’s our Elden Ring weapon tier list. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Weapon Tier Key:

D = Either starting equipment or weak weapons

C = Slightly better weapons, but still pretty basic

B = Decent weapons that are effective

A = Very strong weapons

S = The best weapons Elden Ring has to offer

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List

WeaponTypeMinimum RequirementsTier
Academy Glintstone StaffGlintstone StaffStr 6, Int 28C
Alabaster Lord’s GreatswordGreatswordStr 16, Dex 12, Int 18C
Albinauric BowLight BowStr 7, Dex 18B
Antspur RapierThrusting SwordStr 10, Dex 20B
ArbalestCrossbowStr 18, Dex 12D
Astrologer’s StaffGlintstone StaffStr 7, Int 16D
Axe of GodfreyColossal WeaponStr 42, Dex 14C
Axe of GodricGreataxeStr 34, Dex 22C
Azur’s Glintstone StaffGlintstone StaffStr 10, Int 52A
Bandit’s Curved SwordCurved SwordStr 11, Dex 13B
Banished Knight’s GreatswordGreatswordStr 17, Dex 9D
Banished Knight’s HalberdHalberdStr 14, Dex 12B
Bastard SwordGreatswordStr 16, Dex 10D
Bastard’s StarsFlailStr 8, Dex 22, Int 22B
Battle AxeAxeStr 12, Dex 8D
Battle HammerWarhammerStr 26, Dex 8D
Beast-Repellent TorchTorchStr 12, Dex 8B
Beastclaw GreathammerGreathammerStr 20, Dex 10, Fai 18A
Beastman’s CleaverCurved GreatswordStr 25, Dex 14C
Beastman’s Curved SwordCurved SwordStr 13, Dex 11C
Black BowLight BowStr 9, Dex 20D
Black KnifeDaggerStr 8, Dex 12, Fai 18A
Blade of CallingDaggerStr 6, Dex 13, Fai 15A
Blasphemous BladeGreatswordStr 22, Dex 15, Fai 21A
Bloodhound ClawsClawStr 10, Dex 15C
Bloodhound’s FangCurved GreatswordStr 17, Dex 18B
Bloodstained DaggerDaggerStr 9, Dex 12C
Bloody HeliceHeavy Thrusting SwordStr 16, Dex 19, Arc 17C
Bolt of GransaxSpearStr 20, Dex 40A
Brick HammerWarhammerStr 31D
BroadswordStraight SwordStr 10, Dex 10D
Butchering KnifeGreataxeStr 16, Dex 20C
CaestusFistStr 8, Dex 8D
Cane SwordStraight SwordStr 8, Dex 11D
Carian Glintblade StaffGlintstone StaffStr 6, Int 22, Dex 12D
Carian Glintstone StaffGlintstone StaffStr 6, Int 24, Dex 8D
Carian Knight’s SwordStraight SwordStr 10, Dex 10, Int 18A
Carian Regal ScepterGlintstone StaffStr 8, Dex 10, Int 60A
Celebrant’s CleaverAxeStr 12, Dex 8C
Celebrant’s Rib-RakeSpearStr 8, Dex 14C
Celebrant’s SickleDaggerStr 6, Dex 11C
Celebrant’s SkullWarhammerStr 18, Dex 12B
Chainlink FlailFlailStr 18, Dex 12D
CinquedeaDaggerStr 10, Dex 10B
Cipher PataFistFai 30B
Clawmark SealSacred SealStr 4, Fai 10C
Clayman’s HarpoonSpearStr 12, Dex 10, Int 12B
ClaymoreGreatswordStr 16, Dex 13D
Cleanrot Knight’s SwordThrusting SwordStr 11, Dex 13C
Cleanrot SpearSpearStr 16, Dex 16, Fai 14A
Clinging BoneFistStr 8, Dex 22, Arc 16D
ClubHammerStr 10C
Coded SwordStraight SwordFai 20B
Commander’s StandardHalberdStr 24, Dex 14D
Composite BowLight BowStr 15, Dex 15D
Cranial Vessel CandlestandWarhammerStr 26, Dex 8, Fai 22A
Crepus’s Black-Key CrossbowCrossbowStr 14, Dex 16C
Crescent Moon AxeGreataxeStr 25, Dex 15B
Cross-NaginataSpearStr 16, Dex 20C
Crystal KnifeDaggerStr 8, Dex 12, Int 9C
Crystal SpearSpearStr 10, Dex 16, Int 16B
Crystal StaffGlintstone StaffStr 8, Int 48B
Crystal SwordStraight SwordStr 13, Dex 10, Int 15B
Curved ClubHammerStr 11, Dex 7B
Curved Great ClubWarhammerStr 24, Dex 10C
DaggerDaggerStr 5, Dex 9D
Dark Moon GreatswordGreatswordStr 16, Dex 11, Int 38S
Death Ritual SpearSpearStr 14, Dex 20, Int 18A
Death’s PokerGreatswordStr 15, Dex 17, Int 11A
Demi-Human Queen’s StaffGlintstone StaffStr 6, Int 10A
Devourer’s ScepterWarhammerStr 24, Dex 20, Fai 25A
Digger’s StaffGlintstone StaffStr 8, Int 12D
DismounterCurved GreatswordStr 19, Dex 16D
Dragon Communion SealSacred SealFai 10, Arc 10S
Dragon GreatclawColossal WeaponStr 30, Dex 14A
Dragon HalberdHalberdStr 22, Dex 10C
Dragon King’s CragbladeHeavy Thrusting SwordStr 18, Dex 37A
Dragonscale BladeKatanaStr 12, Dex 20A
Duelist GreataxeColossal Weapon Str 30, Dex 10B
Eclipse ShotelCurved SwordStr 10, Dex 25, Fai 30A
Eleonerora’s PolebladeTwinbladesStr 12, Dex 21, Arc 19A
Envoy’s GreathornColossal WeaponStr 28, Dex 12, Fai 24A
Envoy’s HornHammerStr 10, Dex 12, Fai 16A
Envoy’s Long HornWarhammerStr 23, Dex 11, Fai 18A
Erdsteel DaggerDaggerStr 7, Dex 12, Fai 14D
Erdtree BowLight BowStr 8, Dex 12, Fai 14S
Erdtree GreatbowGreatbowStr 20, Dex 14, Fai 14C
Erdtree SealSacred SealFai 40D
EstocThrusting SwordStr 11, Dex 13D
Executioner’s GreataxeGreataxeStr 34, Dex 8A
FalchionCurved SwordStr 9, Dex 13C
Fallingstar Beast JawColossal WeaponStr 34, Dex 12, Int 20A
Family HeadsFlailStr 8, Dex 18, Int 16A
Finger SealSacred SealStr 4, Fai 10D
FlailFlailStr 10, Dex 18C
FlambergeGreatswordStr 15, Dex 14C
Flowing Curved SwordCurved SwordStr 9, Dex 17C
Forked GreatswordGreatswordStr 14, Dex 16C
Forked HatchetAxeStr 9, Dex 14C
Frenzied Flame SealSacred SealFai 10, Arc 10A
Frozen NeedleThrusting SwordStr 11, Dex 18B
Full Moon CrossbowCrossbowStr 10, Dex 10, Int 10A
Gargoyle’s Black AxeGreataxeStr 24, Dex 8, Fai 22B
Gargoyle’s Black BladesTwinbladeStr 18, Dex 15, Fai 22C
Gargoyle’s BlackbladeGreatswordStr 18, Dex 10, Fai 22A
Gargoyle’s Black HalberdHalberdStr 26, Dex 10, Fai 22B
Gargoyle’s Great AxeGreataxeStr 24, Dex 8C
Gargoyle’s GreatswordGreatswordStr 18, Dex 10C
Gargoyle’s HalberdHalberdStr 26, Dex 10C
Gargoyle’s TwinbladeTwinbladeStr 18, Dex 15C
Gelmir Glintstone StaffGlintstone StaffStr 6, Int 14, Fai 14B
Ghiza’s WheelColossal WeaponStr 28, Dex 18B
Ghostflame TorchTorchStr 10, Dex 10, Int 14B
Giant’s Red BraidWhipStr 18, Dex 12, Fai 21A
Giant’s SealSacred SealStr 4, Fai 14S
Giant-CrusherColossal WeaponStr 60B
GlaiveHalberdStr 18, Dex 15D
Glintstone KrisDaggerStr 5, Dex 12, Int 16B
Glintstone StaffGlintstone StaffStr 6, Int 10D
Godskin PeelerTwinbladeStr 17, Dex 22B
Godskin StitcherHeavy Thrusting SwordStr 14, Dex 17C
Godslayer’s GreatswordColossal SwordStr 20, Dex 22, Fai 20A
Godslayer’s SealSacred SealStr 4, Fai 27A
Golden EpitaphStraight SwordStr 12, Dex 10, Fai 14B
Golden HalberdHalberdStr 30, Dex 14, Fai 12B
Golden Order GreatswordGreatswordStr 16, Dex 21, Fai 28A
Golden Order SealSacred SealInt 17, Fai 17A
Golem GreatbowGreat BowStr 24, Dex 18B
Golem’s HalberdColossal WeaponStr 36, Dex 14C
Grafted Blade GreatswordColossal SwordStr 40, Dex 14A
Grafted DragonFistStr 20, Dex 14, Fai 16A
Grave ScytheReaperStr 17, Dex 13B
Gravel Stone SealSacred SealStr 4, Fai 18B
Great ClubColossal WeaponStr 35B
Great KnifeDaggerStr 6, Dex 12D
Great MaceWarhammerStr 28C
Great Omenkiller CleaverGreataxeStr 23, Dex 12C
Great StarsWarhammerStr 22, Dex 12C
Great EpeeHeavy Thrusting SwordStr 15, Dex 16D
GreataxeGreataxeStr 30, Dex 8B
GreatbowGreatbowStr 20, Dex 20C
Greathorn HammerWarhammerStr 8, Dex 14C
GreatswordColossal SwordStr 31, Dex 12B
GrossmesserCurved SwordStr 14, Dex 12B
Guardian’s SwordspearHalberdStr 17, Dex 16C
HalberdHalberdStr 14, Dex 12D
Halo ScytheReaperStr 13, Dex 16, Fai 15B
HammerHammerStr 14, Dex 7C
Hand AxeAxeStr 9, Dex 8D
Hand BallistaBallistaStr 30, Dex 14D
Hand of MaleniaKatanaStr 16, Dex 48S
Harp BowLight BowStr 9, Dex 9D
Heavy CrossbowCrossbowStr 14, Dex 10D
Helphen’s SteepleGreatswordStr 19, Dex 10, Int 22A
Highland AxeAxeStr 12, Dex 9B
HookclawsClawStr 8, Dex 14C
Horn BowBowStr 10, Dex 14, Int 12A
Hoslow’s Petal WhipWhipStr 10, Dex 20B
Icerind HatchetAxeStr 11, Dex 16S
Inquisitor’s GirandoleSpearStr 18, Dex 15, Fai 16A
Inseparable SwordStraight SwordStr 18, Dex 18, Fai 20A
Iron BallFistStr 11, Dex 8D
Iron CleaverAxeStr 15, Dex 7D
Iron GreatswordGreatswordStr 18, Dex 10C
Iron SpearSpearStr 13, Dex 11C
Ivory SickleDaggerStr 6, Dex 11, Int 13B
Jar CannonBallistaStr 34, Dex 12C
Jawbone AxeAxeStr 14, Dex 8D
KatarFistStr 8, Dex 10D
Knight’s GreatswordGreatswordStr 16, Dex 12D
LanceGreat SpearStr 20, Dex 14C
Large ClubWarhammerStr 22C
Lazuli Glintstone SwordStraight SwordStr 8, Dex 9, Int 13A
Light CrossbowCrossbowStr 12, Dex 8D
Lion GreatbowGreatbowStr 22, Dex 18S
LongbowBowStr 9, Dex 14D
Longhaft AxeGreataxeStr 24, Dex 8C
LongswordStraight SwordStr 10, Dex 10D
Lordsworn’s GreatswordGreatswordStr 16, Dex 10B
Lordsworn’s Straight SwordStraight SwordStr 10, Dex 10C
Loretta’s War SickleHalberdStr 20, Dex 15, Int 20B
LucerneHalberdStr 15, Dex 12D
Lusat’s Glintstone StaffGlintstone StaffStr 10, Int 52S
MaceHammerStr 12, Dex 7C
Magma BladeCurved SwordStr 9, Dex 15, Fai 16A
Magma Whip CandlestickWhipStr 8, Dex 16, Fai 18B
Magma Wyrm’s ScaleswordCurved GreatswordStr 24, Dex 15, Fai 18A
Maliketh’s Black BladeColossal SwordStr 34, Dex 12, Fai 20A
Mantis BladeCurved SwordStr 10, Dex 12C
Marais Executioner’s SwordGreatswordStr 24, Dex 14, Arc 23A
Marika’s HammerHammerStr 20, Dex 12, Fai 19B
Meteorite StaffGlintstone StaffStr 6, Int 18A
Meteoric Ore BladeKatanaStr 15, Dex 14, Int 18S
Miquellan Knight’s SwordStraight SwordStr 11, Dex 11, Fai 16A
Misbegotten ShortbowLight BowStr 16, Dex 8D
MisericordeDaggerStr 7, Dex 12C
Mohgwyn’s Sacred SpearGreat SpearStr 24, Dex 14, Arc 27S
Monk’s FlamebladeCurved GreatswordStr 18, Dex 18C
Monk’s FlamemaceHammerStr 13, Dex 13C
MoonveilKatanaStr 12, Dex 18, Arc 23S
Morgott’s Cursed SwordCurved GreatswordStr 14, Dex 35, Arc 17A
Morning StarHammerStr 12, Dex 8C
NagakibaKatanaStr 18, Dex 22B
Nightrider FlailFlailStr 10, Dex 24C
Nightrider GlaiveHalberdStr 26, Dex 10D
Noble’s EstocThrusting SwordStr 9, Dex 10D
Noble’s Slender SwordStraight SwordStr 8, Dex 11B
Nox Flowing HammerHammerStr 17, Dex 7C
Nox Flowing SwordCurved SwordStr 8, Dex 15C
Omen CleaverCurved GreatswordStr 19, Dex 16C
Onyx Lord’s GreatswordCurved GreatswordStr 20, Dex 16, Int 16S
Ordovis’s GreatswordGreatswordStr 25, Dex 13, Fai 15B
Ornamental Straight SwordStraight SwordStr 10, Dex 14A
Parrying DaggerDaggerStr 5, Dex 14D
PartisanSpearStr 15, Dex 12C
Pest’s GlaiveHalberdStr 13, Dex 13D
PickaxeWarhammerStr 22, Dex 10D
PikeSpearStr 20, Dex 14C
Prelate’s Inferno CrozierColossal WeaponStr 45, Dex 8A
Prince of Death’s StaffGlintstone StaffStr 6, Int 18, Fai 18C
Pulley BowBowStr 11, Dex 11C
Pulley CrossbowCrossbowStr 16, Dex 16C
RapierThrusting SwordStr 7, Dex 12D
Raptor TalonsClawStr 6, Dex 14D
Red Branch ShortbowLight BowStr 8, Dex 16D
ReduviaDaggerStr 5, Dex 13, Arc 13S
Regalia of EochaidStraight SwordStr 12, Dex 18, Arc 15C
Ringed FingerHammerStr 15, Dex 9B
Ripple BladeAxeStr 11, Dex 11, Arc 20C
Ripple Crescent HalberdHalberdStr 12, Dex 12, Arc 20C
Rivers of BloodKatanaStr 12, Dex 18, Arc 20S
Rogier’s RapierThrusting SwordStr 8, Dex 17B
Rosus’ AxeAxeStr 18, Dex 10, Int 18B
Rotten Battle HammerWarhammerStr 26, Dex 8C
Rotten Crystal SpearSpearStr 10, Dex 16, Int 16B
Rotten Crystal StaffGlintstone StaffStr 8, Int 48B
Rotten Crystal SwordStraight SwordStr 13, Dex 10, Int 15C
Rotten GreataxeColossal WeaponStr 30, Dex 10C
Rotten StaffColossal WeaponStr 34, Dex 8C
Royal GreatswordColossal WeaponStr 26, Dex 18, Int 22S
Ruins GreatswordColossal WeaponStr 50, Int 16S
Rusted AnchorGreataxeStr 26, Dex 9C
Sacred Relic SwordGreatswordStr 14, Dex 24, Fai 22A
Sacrificial AxeAxeStr 16, Dex 10C
Scavenger’s Curved SwordCurved SwordStr 9, Dex 14B
Scepter of the All-KnowingHammerStr 12, Dex 18, Int 21S
ScimitarCurved SwordStr 7, Dex 13D
Scorpion’s StingerDaggerStr 6, Dex 12D
ScytheReaperStr 14, Dex 14D
Sentry’s TorchTorchStr 15, Dex 8, Fai 15C
Serpent BowBowStr 8, Dex 15, Arc 11C
Serpent-God’s Curved SwordCurved SwordStr 13, Dex 9C
Serpent-HunterGreat Spearn/aB
Serpentbone BladeKatanaStr 11, Dex 22C
ShamshirCurved SwordStr 7, Dex 13C
Short SpearSpearStr 10, Dex 10D
Short SwordStraight SwordStr 8, Dex 10D
ShortbowLight BowStr 8, Dex 10D
ShotelCurved SwordStr 9, Dex 19D
Siluria’s TreeGreat SpearStr 27, Dex 13, Fai 20A
Soldier’s CrossbowCrossbowStr 10, Dex 8D
SpearSpearStr 12, Dex 15D
Spiked CaestusFistStr 8, Dex 10D
Spiked ClubHammerStr 12, Dex 7C
Spiked SpearSpearStr 14, Dex 16C
St. Trina’s TorchTorchStr 10, Dex 10, Fai 14B
Staff of LossGlintstone StaffStr 6, Dex 12, Int 14B
Staff of the AvatarColossal WeaponStr 34, Dex 8, Fai 24A
Staff of the GuiltyGlintstone StaffStr 8, Fai 12B
Star FistFistStr 12, Dex 8C
Starscourge GreatswordColossal WeaponStr 38, Dex 12, Int 15A
Steel-Wire TorchTorchStr 10, Dex 8C
Stone ClubHammerStr 16, Dex 8C
Stormhawk AxeAxeStr 19, Dex 15D
Sword of MilosGreatswordStr 15, Dex 19C
Sword of Night and FlameStraight SwordStr 12, Dex 12, Int 24, Fai 24S
Sword of St. TrinaStraight SwordStr 10, Dex 12, Int 14A
Thorned WhipWhipStr 8, Dex 16C
TorchTorchStr 5, Dex 5C
TorchpoleSpearStr 14, Dex 15B
TreespearGreat SpearStr 15, Dex 22, Fai 18A
Troll Knight’s SwordColossal SwordStr 20, Dex 14, Int 18B
Troll’s Golden SwordColossal SwordStr 29, Dex 10C
Troll’s HammerColossal WeaponStr 28, Dex 8, Fai 10C
TwinbladeTwinbladeStr 10, Dex 18C
Twinned Knight SwordsTwinbladeStr 16, Dex 18C
UchigatanaKatanaStr 11, Dex 15B
UrumiWhipStr 10, Dex 19C
Varre’s BouquetHammerStr 8, Dex 16, Arc 24C
Venomous FangClawStr 9, Dex 9C
Veteran’s ProsthesisFistStr 15, Dex 12B
Vulgar Militia SawHalberdStr 15, Dex 13D
Vulgar Militia ShotelHalberdStr 14, Dex 16D
Vyke’s War SpearGreat SpearStr 16, Dex 20, Fai 18A
WakizashiDaggerStr 9, Dex 13D
Warhawk’s TalonStraight SwordStr 10, Dex 16D
Warped AxeAxeStr 24, Dex 8D
WarpickHammerStr 11, Dex 9C
Watchdog’s GreatswordColossal SwordStr 30, Dex 10C
Watchdog’s StaffColossal WeaponStr 34, Dex 10C
Weathered Straight SwordStraight SwordStr 7, Dex 10D
WhipWhipStr 8, Dex 14D
Wing of AstelCurved SwordStr 7, Dex 17, Int 20B
Winged GreathornGreataxeStr 30, Dex 20B
Winged ScytheReaperStr 16, Dex 16, Fai 24S
Zamor Curved SwordCurved GreatswordStr 16, Dex 18B
ZweihanderColossal SwordStr 19, Dex 11C

Phew! So, there you have it. We hope this Elden Ring weapon tier list came in handy for you. For more tips and tricks, check out our in-depth guide wiki. Or alternatively, feel free to peruse the relevant links down below.

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