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How & Where to Get Giant’s Seal in Elden Ring: Location & Stats Explained

Elden Ring, Giant's Seal location

How & Where to Get Giant’s Seal in Elden Ring: Location & Stats Explained

Elden Ring is chock-full with powerful weapons to find, colossal bosses to vanquish, and mysterious quests to unravel. While the majority of equipment that can be found on your adventure is totally viable to fit in with a specific build, some offer better stats and buffs than others. In fact, one of the best Sacred Seals in the entire game is the Giant’s Seal, which boosts the attack power of fire incantations. Here’s how to get the Giant’s Seal in Elden Ring. Let’s get into it!

First things first, you’ll need to have reached the Mountaintop of the Giants, which is an area that you’ll discover near the end of the game.

Giant’s Seal Location in Elden Ring

  1. Head to the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave Site of Grace.

    Elden Ring map

  2. From the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Site of Grace, go down the left tunnel.

  3. Take another left, go down the steps and you’ll come to a large room with a Burial Tree Watchdog enemy (its appearance is much like a cat statue).

    Elden Ring

  4. Head up the steps behind the Burial Tree Watchdog and take a left and then a right. Follow the path ahead and go up the steps on the left.

    Watch out for the flame turret. Strike it with a weapon to turn if off.

  5. You’ll soon come to a lift. Go down the lift.

    Elden Ring, lift

  6. Once you arrive at the bottom, carefully walk back onto the pressure plate of the lift you just took and quickly walk back off.

  7. Pull the lever and ride the lift down.

    Elden Ring, lift

  8. Head left and go up the ladder.

  9. You’ll find the Giant’s Seal on the floor on the right side of the large room in all its glory.

Elden Ring Giant’s Seal Stats

Elden Ring, Giant's Seal Stats

The Giant’s Seal boasts very powerful Incant scaling, and can be upgraded using regular Smithing Stones, though — much like all the other Sacred Seals in the game — it cannot be infused with Ashes of War.

What’s really special about the Giant’s Seal, however, is that it has a passive effect that boosts the attack power of Giants’ Flame Incantations and Fire Monk Incantations by 20%. In other words, flame-based incantations like Burn, O Flame! and Flame of the Fell God will be even more deadly with this Sacred Seal equipped.

Attack Power

  • Physical – 25
  • Incant Scaling – 60

Stat Scaling

  • Str – E
  • Fai – C

Minimum Requirements

  • Str – 4
  • Fai – 14

So, there you have it. We hope this helped clue you in on how and where to get the Giant’s Seal in Elden Ring. For more, check out our best games like Elden Ring feature or dedicated guide wiki, or alternatively, feel free to peruse the relevant links below.

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