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Best Elden Ring Classes, Ranked

best elden ring classes

Best Elden Ring Classes, Ranked

The lineage of the Souls series is plainly evident in Elden Ring to anybody who has played a FromSoftware RPG before, including generally similar progression mechanics and class names. But which of these are the best Elden Ring classes for each build type?

Before we get started, we’re approaching these rankings from the perspective of offering guidance on what we consider to be the most appropriate starting point for each playstyle. That’s because there isn’t necessarily a best class in Elden Ring, given that each is essentially a foundation to begin a build according to your own preference.

Also, keep in mind that you have total control over your stat allocation throughout the game and are not limited in which attributes you level up. For example, you could start as an Astrologer but eventually, turn your build into a tanky knight with huge amounts of strength.

We wouldn’t recommend it since you would simply be making the game harder and more tedious for yourself, but it’s totally possible. Eventually, your starting class will become irrelevant, and you can always respec your character if you want to.

So, again, these are just recommendations as to which are the best Elden Ring classes to start your adventure across The Lands Between depending on which style you are going for. Let’s start with the basics:

Best Elden Ring Classes for Newcomers

Best Elden Ring Classes, Ranked
  1. Vagabond – The Vagabond has an even spread of stats that allows them to wield both ranged and melee weapons, as well as equip decent armor. This is similar to the Knight Class in Souls games, which always made for a great beginner class. Magic isn’t really possible without pouring quite a few points into Int and Mind, but as always, it’s still possible to get involved with spellcasting later in the game.
  2. Confessor – The confessor starts with the highest level of any starting class, and their stats offer a platform to build a hybrid-style character that can both melee and spell cast.
  3. Astrologer – If you’re going for a magic build, the Astrologer is a no-brainer for beginners. They start with two solid spells, and a decent staff, and offer a great starting point to build any mage-style character.

Best Elden Ring Classes for Veterans

Best Elden Ring Classes, Ranked
  1. Wretch – The miserable Wretch starts all the way down at Level 1, but their stats are 10 across the board which means they can be quickly pushed toward a certain direction for those who know what they’re doing. Keep in mind you will have no armor and just a club as your starting equipment, so you’re in for one hell of a tough start. By the midgame, however, assuming you haven’t destroyed your controller in frustration after having died so many times, your Wretch can become very powerful.
  2. Prisoner – The Prisoner is a punishing class to use initially, but later in the game, it rewards as an excellent hybrid option that turns into something of a Spellsword — a character capable of powerful melee and spellcasting. Essentially, it is the same as the Confessor but ultimately stronger by the game’s end.
  3. Hero – It doesn’t take much understanding of the game to see what the Hero is all about and why they might be reserved for a veteran player: the Hero is all about massive strength and damage, wielding huge weapons that require an enormous investment of points into one specialty.
  4. Warrior – Veteran players after a Vagabond-style build but with more focus on melee should go for the warrior, which is able to wield more specialist weapons that lean heavily into dexterity.
  5. Bandit – Ranged builds are generally reserved for veterans given that, just as in previous Souls games, Elden Ring’s ranged weapons aren’t especially powerful. You’ll therefore often need to rely on close-range dagger weapons, parrying, and backstabs — all of which require skill and experience to pull off. The risk is high with the Bandit, but so too is the reward.
  6. Prophet – The Prophet is the Faith equivalent of a battlemage, similar to the Confessor but harder to use.
  7. Samurai – A decent spread of stats similar to the Vagabond, but here there’s less defense and more offense in regards to weapon skill, ranged options, and dexterity-focused swords.

Best Classes for Magic Builds

Best Elden Ring Classes, Ranked
  1. Astrologer – Again, the Astrologer is the best all-around option for a magic build, assuming you want to become a sorcerer. The Glinstone Pebble is a basic spell but actually one of the best in the game, and you’ll have a great headstart on the Intelligence stat to begin building up your base damage. Check out our guide on a must-have early staff and gravity spell if you choose the Astrologer.
  2. Prisoner – As above, the Prisoner can be built into a battlemage that can wield powerful sorceries as well as melee weapons. The Moonlight Greatsword is a superb late-game weapon option for a Prisoner build.
  3. Prophet – A faith, incantation-heavy magic build that is focused entirely on spellcasting should start with the Prophet. The Sword of Night and Flame is a solid option for a Prophet build.
  4. Confessor – Think of this as the battlemage, faith-style: incantations and melee attacks are the bread and butter of the Confessor.

Best Elden Ring Classes for Melee Builds

Best Elden Ring Classes, Ranked
  1. Hero – The hero is clearly the most melee-focused starting class available, so if you’re working towards a build that is all about heavy damage through hard-hitting melee weapons, go for the Hero.
  2. Warrior – The Warrior is perfect if you’re going for a dexterity beast capable of using spears, curved swords, and any other specialized melee weapon.
  3. Samurai – As mentioned before, go for the Samurai if you’re wanting a hybrid-style character build that leans more into melee and dexterity weapons. Go for the Twinblades or Uchigatana Sword if you’re looking for good early game weapons for this build.
  4. Vagabond – Again, this is the equivalent of the Knight class from the Souls franchise, and similarly, melee is still the primary focus of what is otherwise a decent all-rounder.

That should give you a decent overview of the best Elden Ring classes, ranked by which is suitable for each playstyle. For more useful tips and guides on the game, search Twinfinite or check out our Elden Ring wiki.

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