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Think You Know Your Fallout Locations? Take This Quiz to Find Out


Think You Know Your Fallout Locations? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Bethesda’s Fallout series is beloved by millions of fans around the world. Whether we’re wandering the Washington wasteland in Fallout 3, or exploring the Appalachian wilderness in Fallout 76, the games are teeming with things to see and do, with named locations littered throughout each game’s maps.

But how well do you actually know your Fallout locations? Do you think you can pinpoint each one to the game they featured in? Well, now’s your time to put your Fallout knowledge to the test.

In the quiz below, we’ll ask you which game 15 locations featured in out of a choice of Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 76. There are no locations that feature in two games, so there are no attempts to trip you up here either… even if there are a few stinkers thrown in for good measure to really challenge you.

If you’re looking for more quizzes to enjoy once you’ve finished this one, be sure to check out our quizzes testing your knowledge of the Fallout series, and another one on the various Fallout perks. BioShock fan, too? Well, would you kindly take this BioShock trivia quiz and show us your Big Daddy brain while you’re at it?

Can You Match the Location to the Fallout Game? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Which game does Vault 92 feature in?
Which game does Greentech Genetics Feature in?
How about Vault 95?
In which game would you find Hopewell Cave?
And what about Tenpenny Tower?
And Goodsprings?
Bleeding Kate's Grindhouse can be found in which game?
What about Sanctuary Hills?
And Evergreen Mills?
Where would you find D.B. Technical High School?
Crimson Caravan Company?
Mason Dixon Salvage
How about Vault 19?
Pickman Gallery
Finally, what game does Yangtze Memorial feature in?
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