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Think You Know Your Fallout Perks? Take This Quiz to Find Out


Think You Know Your Fallout Perks? Take This Quiz to Find Out

War. War never changes. But fortunately for us, the Fallout series does, and it continues to evolve. With each new nuclear wasteland we explore, we fall more in love with the monstrous creatures and ghouls that roam them, the outlandish weaponry we use to blast them to smithereens, and the radiation-filled adventures we embark on across it

So what better way to celebrate the Fallout series than testing your perk knowledge. Every Vault-Tec vault dweller should at least have some foundational knowledge of perks, as they’re what keep you strong and Vault-Tec-certified fighting fit no matter what the wasteland throws at you.

Below, you’ll find 10 perk descriptions with the game that particular description has been lifted from. It’s then down to you to get the right name for the perk and show us just how much of a standup Vault dweller you really are.

Think You Know Your Fallout Perks? Take This Quiz to Find Out

"Keep your distance long and your kill-count high. Attacks with non-automatic rifles do 20% more damage." - Fallout 4 & Fallout 76
"You’re a patient battlefield tactician, and can save a Critical Hit to be used in V.A.T.S when you need it most." - Fallout 4
"Water is your ally. You no longer take radiation damage from swimming, and can breathe underwater." - Fallout 4 & Fallout 76
"Is there a doctor in the house? Stimpaks restore 40% of lost Health, and RadAway removes 40% of radiation." - Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 4 & Fallout Tactics
"While wearing Power Armor, sprinting into enemies hurts and staggers them. (Robots and oversized enemies are immune to the stagger)." - Fallout 4 & Fallout 76
"You find even more ammunition in containers." - Every Fallout Game
"You’ve mastered the art of the deal! Buying and selling prices at vendors are better." - Fallout 4
"They can’t hurt what they can’t hit! Get 25+ Damage Resistance and 25+ Energy Resistance when you’re sprinting." - Fallout 4 & Fallout 76
"Increases the regeneration of Action Points" - Fallout 3: Broken Steel & Fallout: New Vegas
"Higher critical hit chance (equivalent to +5 Luck)" - Fallout 3 & Fallout: New Vegas

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