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Top 5 Biggest Disappointments at E3 2021


Top 5 Biggest Disappointments at E3 2021

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Only on Steam and Mobile

Square Enix came to E3 2021 and brought the biggest self-own with it. The Final Fantasy series is one beloved by players of all ages, and the first six titles are arguably some of the best the series ever produced. So you can imagine how over the moon fans were when the publisher announced it was remastering Final Fantasy’s 1 through 6 with pixel-art refreshes to both its characters and environments. Seriously, this was a massive announcement.

And then it happened, at the very end of the brief trailer running players through the changes the development team has been busy working on, the title appeared on screen. Each of the six games appeared below it, and ‘Coming Soon’ slowly faded into view.

‘to Steam and Mobile’ then followed. What?! A compilation of iconic and cherished titles lovingly remastered in a way that retains their original charm, relegated to Steam and mobile? A collection of classic JRPGs that’d quite literally be perfect for Nintendo Switch… just on PC and mobile.

There’s been no word of whether or not the Pixel Remasters will make their way to consoles sometime in the future, but for now, we’ve just got to accept that if we want to check out these gorgeous-looking remasters, we’ll need to use our mobile or PC instead.

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