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It Takes Two: Story Summary (Spoilers)

It Takes Two

It Takes Two: Story Summary (Spoilers)

It Takes Two is Hazelight Stuidos’ latest co-op adventure game. It tasks you and a partner with navigating seven dreamscape levels, filled with platforming, puzzling, and unique combat. The game also features a very intricate story-driven narrative, filled with plenty of twists and turns. We’ve compiled all of that information below in a story summary of It Takes Two, so check it out.

Spoiler Warning: The following goes into heavy detail about the plot of Hazelight Studios’ It Takes Two. If you want to avoid these spoilers, we recommend you don’t read any further.

It Takes Two Story Summary

Mere moments after It Takes Two begins, we find ourself in the midst of an argument between May and Cody, a couple struggling to balance their relationship between working and raising their daughter, Rose. A few moments later, the family sits down for dinner.

The couple explains to their daughter that they are getting a divorce. While Rose doesn’t seem to react, she does return to her room out of sadness.

While playing with the two dolls of her parents that she hand made, her tears fall on them, suddenly transporting Cody and May into their cloth counterparts. As they freak out, they are then greeted by a talking book, known as The Book of Love.

The Book of Love explains that he is Rose’s guardian of sorts, and will not let May and Cody back into their bodies until they work out their differences and attempt to rekindle their love.

Overcoming Bitterness

It Takes Two Story Summary

During the first few chapters, May and Cody manage to work together despite their situation, with the main goal of getting to Rose and figuring out how she can turn their bodies back. But while they work well together, they still bicker bitterly.

Whether May blames Cody for breaking the Vacuum or he blames her for discarding the Tool Box, the two argue constantly. They each refuse to listen to the other’s side.

Eventually, they manage to get everything sorted in The Shed that The Book of Love transported them to. It isn’t long before a new obstacle is placed in front of them, as May and Cody must end the war that is raging between the squirrels and wasps in their tree outdoors.

And while there are certainly some hiccups, like an area where they can let off steam “torturing” one another, the two eventually work well together and start to enjoy each other’s company.

Work vs Home

It Takes Two Story Summary

After the two overcome their issues a bit, they verbally come to terms with their situations, making a deal that they’ll do whatever they need to in order to get their bodies back. As they progress throughout the next level, Rose’s Room, it is clear that their relationship isn’t the only thing that they’ve not taken care of as time has gone on.

While they thought that Rose was happy and stress-free, the laugh tracker and worry watcher devices they find in her room show that she is indeed the opposite.

To prove they care for her, the two must then battle one of their daughter’s favorite toys, Moon Baboon.

After beating Moon Baboon, they realize how much their relationship has come to hurt their daughter, and how they need to open up to each other more.

Cody and May eventually talk about each of their struggles more in-depth than they would before, instead of just arguing. These issues literally manifest into powers in the Cuckoo Clock level, as Cody is able to rebuild his shattered emotions of neglect, and Rose is able to clone herself and be in two places at once — like work and home.

Rekindling the Fire

It Takes Two Story Summary

With the couple finally understanding the struggles that the other was going through, as well as overcoming so many obstacles throughout the previous levels, their love starts to warm back up. Throughout the Snowglobe level, the pair rediscover their attraction for one another, reliving fond memories.

Through these memories, they re-learn how to appreciate each other, showing why they fell in love in the first place. This culminates in the two literally cleaning up the neglect and infection that Cody felt in the Garden level, which leads to the finale.

It Takes Two ends as the couple continues to work out their differences, realizing how much they mean to each other. They are also sure to convey to Rose that no matter what happens, they will always be there for her.

That does it for our story summary of It Takes Two. We hope you enjoyed the plot as much we did. If you’re still on the lookout for more info on the game, be sure to check out our guide wiki.

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