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Here’s Some Pikachu ASMR for You


Here’s Some Pikachu ASMR for You

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s finally the end of the week and what better way to celebrate than by enjoying a 15-minute ASMR video featuring Pikachu? The Pokemon Company released the video to its Japanese YouTube channel, and it’s very relaxing, sort of.

It shows Pikachu tossing a bouncy ball around the room, taking a nap, and then getting woken up from the nap by a Mimikyu and getting sad –it’s all extremely relatable.

Put on some headphones, play the video in the background, and prepare to enter a state of pure bliss.


There are also some other ASMR videos that The Pokemon Company has released over the years, such as this one featuring a Squirtle playing around on a beach and another one starring Charmander as it cuddles around a warm, crackling fire.

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