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Mimikyu Gets a New Z-Move in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon


Mimikyu Gets a New Z-Move in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

The adorable Mimikyu has a new trick up its sleeve.

Mimikyu, one of the creepiest and cutest Pokemon out there in Pokemon Sun and Moon, is getting an update with a new Z-Move for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. The Ghost and Fairy-type Pokemon lives beneath a dirty rag with decorations that make it resemble Pikachu in a bid to help it get closer to people. It just wants to make friends, you know!

And make friends it will with its new Z-Move, a Fairy-type attack called Let’s Snuggle Forever is being added to Mimikyu’s arsenal. If Mimikyu already knows the move Play Rough and you use the Z-Crystal Mimikium Z for the monster to hold, you can unleash Let’s Snuggle Forever for a very powerful attack that’s even more devastating than Twinkle Tackle was. But look how cute Mimikyu is! It wouldn’t hurt a fly.

You can see little Mimikyu in the newest game trailer and look forward to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon when it releases on Nov. 17 on Nintendo 3DS.


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