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Apex Legends Fight Night Short Focuses on Pathfinder’s Origin Story

Apex Legends Fight Night

Apex Legends Fight Night Short Focuses on Pathfinder’s Origin Story

Every now and then, Respawn releases animated shorts that provide new info on the various characters participating in the Apex Games. Today’s Stories From the Outlands is called “Fight Night,” and it focuses on Pathfinder’s life before becoming an Apex Legend.

These Outlands videos are usually full of previously unknown lore. They tend to show aspects of the Legends that we wouldn’t otherwise see in the game.

Fight Night lives up to those expectations, as it shows Pathfinder waiting tables in a restaurant before he joined up with the other Apex Legends.

He was searching for his purpose, and in a surprising turn of events, he gets clues as to what he was built for while being interrogated by Victor Maldera – a detective who is searching for Caustic.

Check out the video below to see Pathfinder’s Stories From the Outlands episode for yourself:

In case you missed it, the Apex Legends winter event, Holo-Day Bash, is currently underway. It’s live until Jan. 4, so be sure to hop in if you’re looking to earn new holiday cosmetics while playing the Winter Express LTM.

If you haven’t had the chance to play Season 7 yet, you can read up on everything you need to know before joining the fight.

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