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Fall Guys Now Has a Godzilla Costume

fall guys godzilla costume

Fall Guys Now Has a Godzilla Costume

Starting today you can now purchase a Godzilla costume in Mediatonic’s hit party battle royale game, Fall Guys. The costume should be available in the store today and will cost a total of 10 Crowns. Apparently, this announcement coincides with Godzilla day, which is a celebration filled with announcements related to the Godzilla brand.

Now, this Godzilla costume won’t give you atomic breath or healing abilities, but you’ll look really menacing, maybe.

Devolver Digital released a gameplay trailer of the new costume in action. You can check it out down below:

I for one can’t wait to hop online in Fall Guys to see everyone wearing the costume. It’ll probably look a little something like this tweeted image from the Fall Guys Twitter account:

Season of Fall Guys kicked off last month and added in a bunch of new medieval-themed stages and costumes. You can read about all of the changes right here.

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