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What’s New in Fall Guys Season 2? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New in Fall Guys Season 2? Everything You Need to Know

New Rounds

Fall Guys Season 2 - Hoopsie Legend

The biggest feature that most people will be excited about in Fall Guys Season 2 is the addition of four new rounds. Hoopsie Legend is a solo-player take on Hoopsie Daisy. No teams are required this time around, which means that you’ll have to work even harder to make sure that you end up qualified for the next round.

Knight Fever is also new gauntlet stage that has you racing towards the finish line but, of course, there are tons of obstacles in the way for players to overcome.

There’s a new egg-collecting round called Egg Siege, and thanks to the elements added here, it makes the Egg Scramble level seem like a breezy afternoon picnic.

Going with the medieval theme for Season 2, there are moving drawbridges, axes, and other troublesome obstacles to knock you off your feet. I personally do not like any of the older Egg-based rounds, but this one seems way more tactical, messy, and outrageous –sign me up!

And last but not least, we have one called Wall Guys, which will test your cooperation with fellow combatants. Will you work together to create a staircase to victory or will you choose to push everyone out of the way to get to the top by yourself? Whatever you decide to do, just make sure to not fall off the platforms.

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