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Apex Legends Season 6 Patch Reverts Armor Health

Apex Legends Armor Patch

Apex Legends Season 6 Patch Reverts Armor Health

Apex Legends Season 6 has been live for a few weeks now. It added numerous changes, including new gameplay features, new cosmetics, and a new Legend. Not all fans loved those changes though. So, with today’s patch, Armor health in Apex Legends is reverting to the pre-Season 6 values.

Fans have been more than vocal on Twitter about what they like and dislike about Season 6, and Respawn hasn’t been ignoring the concerns. A new patch is going live today to make a few major changes that have been talked about most.

An update was released not long ago to nerf the Devotion LMG and adjust loot spawns, so Respawn definitely knows exactly what players have on their minds.

This season, all Armor became Evo Armor, meaning that it can be leveled up by doing damage to other players. With that change came a decrease in all Armor health overall.

All Armor health went down by 25 at the start of Season 6, but that has now been reverted, though all Armor will still be Evo.

You can check out the official Apex Legends patch notes here to read up on all the other fixes that have been made in addition to the Armor ones.

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