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Apex Legends Season 6 Patch Nerfs Devotion and Adjusts Loot Spawns

Apex Legends Devotion nerf

Apex Legends Season 6 Patch Nerfs Devotion and Adjusts Loot Spawns

Season 6 began a couple days ago, and it hasn’t exactly been the smoothest launch in some areas. Respawn has recognized this, providing a quick patch for Apex Legends Season 6 to make some adjustments, which include a Devotion nerf and loot spawn changes. It’ll go live today.

A number of new gameplay features have been added in Season 6. This includes a crafting feature, a new Legend, major map changes, and more.

Not all of the changes have been accepted with open arms, though. Most notably, the Devotion LMG is no longer a care package weapon, meaning it can be found as a regular loot drop. This was also the case in Season 3, but the gun ran into similar complaints back then as well.

With this new Apex Legends patch, Respawn has decided to nerf the Devotion by reducing its damage and increasing its recoil. The gun, along with its Turbocharger attachment, will also be harder to find around the map.

Here’s the full list of adjustments that have been made in the patch:

  • Rampart Amped Wall client error in softened gore locales
  • Fix a server error causing immediate disconnects when Rampart puts down a wall
  • Fix an error caused in some instances where a player is on Rampart’s turret when it is destroyed
  • Issue around specific Bloodhound skin getting a stretched neck while using Rampart turret. We are still working on this issue for Lifeline’s Guardian Angel skin
  • Rampart’s “Boom” finisher line from playing across the map
  • Kill stat tracking for R-99 not displaying properly
  • Reduce Devotion damage [17 -> 16] , and increases recoil – these are quick changes we can make now, more adjustments to Devotion that take more time to do will come later.
  • Reduce number of Devotions and Turbochargers spawned
  • Reduced number of gold helms, gold backpacks and gold incap shields

Respawn has stated that more tweaks may be on their way in the future, so we’ll keep you up to date as new details are provided.

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