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Would You Survive The Last of Us’ World? Take This Quiz to Find Out

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Would You Survive The Last of Us’ World? Take This Quiz to Find Out

The Last of Us Part II‘s bleak, grim world makes for a fascinating setting for a video game. But would you want to live there? Probably not. Actually, definitely not.

Taking on hordes of infected and gangs of ruthless bandits is exciting from the safety of your couch, but I think it’s safe to say the majority of us wouldn’t last three seconds in post-apocalyptic Seattle.

We’ll never find out, thank god. But just for the sake of fun, we’ve devised a little scenario that’ll put your survival decision-making to the test. If you think you can survive The Last of Us’ world then see how you go answering the following 10 questions.

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Alright then, let’s begin!

Would You Survive The Last of Us’ World? Take This Quiz to Find Out

The camp's fuel situation is getting critical. Petrol is needed from the city to keep the generators working. You’ve volunteered for the 25 mile solo journey. Luckily, the camp is well stocked with guns and ammo; choose your loadout.
Some way into your journey, you unexpectedly pass through a deserted village. You could stop and see if there’s something worth taking, or you could press on get to the city before nightfall. Which is it?
Emerging on the other side of the deserted village you spot smoke up in the hills. It could be folks in need of rescue from the cold. It could also be a hostile gang. What’s the call?
You hear a twig snap, then a moan. Runners! Shit, there are at least five of them heading your way and they've got the attention of whoever's campfire you saw smoking before. They're also closing in on your position and don't sound very friendly. What's the call?
As it happens, moving out of danger has forced you toward the now-deserted campfire. Luckily, the bandits are now occupied. But there's someone else here. It's a young man, he's beaten up pretty good and looks weak. What do you do?
Finally, back on the road. You've put some distance between yourself and the chaos behind, but now it really is getting late. What's the call?
The next day you arrive at the city. It looks like a war zone. Abandoned vehicles litter the roads, buildings are falling apart. It's tough terrain to cross. You spot a subway station, and three stops down is exactly where you need to go. What's the call?
You made it to the petrol station, but the tanks were empty. Luckily, you found a note pointing you to a nearby truck loaded with fuel to siphon, but you'll need to cross a river to get there. There's one piece of essential equipment on the ground, which is it?
You've got the fuel and you're heading out of the city via a different route than when you arrived. It's a shortcut, but between you and safety is a suburb full of Clickers and Shamblers. What's the correct strategy?
You're nearly back home, just hours away from returning with the precious fuel. As you walk along a river bank you spot two packages floating quickly toward you. Their supply caches used by FEDRA! This could be the ultimate bonus pack for you and your camp, but you'll only be able to scoop one. What do you do?
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