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How Well Do You Remember Resident Evil 2? Take the Quiz to Find Out


How Well Do You Remember Resident Evil 2? Take the Quiz to Find Out

Resident Evil 2 is turning 21 this year, having launched on the PS1 way back in 1998. The story follows two survivors, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who get caught up in the Raccoon City zombie outbreak.

Their trek through the infested city leads them to the police precinct, where only more horror awaits. With the remake finally here, now’s the perfect time to test your knowledge on the original game.

Just how well do you remember all of the details in Resident Evil 2? Take our detailed quiz below to find out.

How Well Do You Remember Resident Evil 2?

What was the first thing Claire said to Leon?
Which S.T.A.R.S. zombie was holding the Special Key for the locker in the Dark Room?
What was the model of Leon’s original handgun?
Where does the Licker first appear in the original game?
In the B Scenario, what was the reason why the helicopter crash-landed?
On which shoulder does Claire wear her knife?
What giant creature do you fight at the depths of the sewers?
What is inside Sherry Birkin’s locket?
What was Chief Irons’ favorite hobby?
What are the words on Claire Redfield’s jacket?
Which location did Chris mention he was at in his diary?
What’s the name of Ada Wong’s boyfriend in Umbrella?
Which of these weapons can only Leon get in his route?
What was the name of the woman you see on Chief Irons' desk?
Wesker's desk contains a photograph of which S.T.A.R.S. officer?
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