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Azur Lane Adding Fallen Wings Event to War Archives in The West as Well on April 9

Azur Lane

Azur Lane Adding Fallen Wings Event to War Archives in The West as Well on April 9

Today Yostar shared more information on what you can expect from this week’s update to the popular shipgirl-focused mobile game Azur Lane.

First of all, we learn that the new update is going to be released on April 9.

As usual, the servers will be down for a few hours as the new content is implemented.

Perhaps the most interesting (and a bit surprising) element is that the Fallen Wings event is going to be added to the War Archives on the English servers.

I guess I was wrong to expect that it wouldn’t, considerfing that the Enmglish version of War Archives only got the first event, “Visitors Dyed in Red,” while the Chinese and Japanese versions had several others before adding Fallen Wings this week. At the moment, we don’t know when those will be added to the English servers, but at least we’re getting Fallen Wings, which is very popular among the fans.

This likely means that Washington, Colorado, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wasp, are likely to be added to the permanent building pool, which is standard procedure when an event is added to the War Archives.

If you’re unfamiliar with Azur Lane, it’s is a free-to-play mobile horizontal scrolling shooter/RPG hybrid currently available for iOS and Android.

If you’d like to learn more about it, you can read our recent interview with Yostar’s director of operations.

If your interest leans more towards console and PC games, Azur Lane: Crosswave has recently been released for PS4 and PC. You should definitely read the interview we pubished a few weeks ago ago, in which Compile Heart President Norihisa Kochiwa talks in depth about the project, and check out our full review.

If you’re curious about the franchise’s popularity in Japan, you can check out my report about the recent anniversary event that pretty much literally invaded Akihabara.

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