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These Collectible Cosplaying Ducks Are Everything


These Collectible Cosplaying Ducks Are Everything

Numskull Designs has announced the second wave of Tubbz, which is an official range of collectible cosplaying rubber ducks that are portrayed as popular video game and pop culture icons and they’re amazing.

This new wave of duckies features characters from The Last of Us, Doom, Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter, with every collectible coming included with a bathtub display so that you can put the figures in tub with you if you’ve always wanted to take a bath with Eggman or something –we don’t judge.

You can check out some of the awesome images from the photoshoots down below of all of the duckies in their natural habitat and also watch the trailer that revealed Wave 2 of the cosplaying ducks:

Each duck will cost you $12.99 USD and you can go ahead and pre-order your favorite ones right now at the site –they should be releasing sometime in late spring. I honestly cannot wait to have all of my favorite video game characters just floating around in the bathtub with me.

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