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Control: Is There New Game Plus? Answered

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Control: Is There New Game Plus? Answered

Control, the latest and hopefully greatest from popular developer Remedy Entertainment, is upon us and fans will be able to dive right into the game’s plot of a fictional supernatural containment agency of the United States. Or who knows if it’s fictional, we haven’t raided Area 51 yet after all. Anyway, if you’re here you’re wondering if there is a new game plus in Control. Let’s talk about that.

Is there a New Game Plus in Control?

So leading up to the release of Control, fans have been trying to get any details they could on the game’s periphery elements such as the length, game modes, and other features such as new game plus.

New game plus is a fairly common feature in gaming today, so it’s fair to wonder if Control would have a such a feature considering the game itself isn’t super long, weighing in at around 15 hours.

Sadly, if you were hoping there would be a new game plus, we have bad news. Members of the Control team confirmed to IGN in an exclusive QA interview with fans that they don’t have any plans to add such a game mode. Saying that it was something that the team talked about, but a combination of design issues and lack of resources killed the idea before it got off the ground.

There are plans for post-release support, and things to explore off the beaten path within the main campaign to extend your replay value a bit beyond just zooming through the campaign, but unless Remedy decides to do a 180 on their stance, don’t plan on playing through a game with a NG+ twist.

That’s all for whether there is a new game plus in Control for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Sorry we don’t have better news for you on that front, but at least now you have your answer for sure.

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