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Control: How to Get All Weapon Forms

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Control: How to Get All Weapon Forms

Control is the latest from Remedy and while you’ll be spending a lot of time utilizing the game’s fancy abilities, sometimes a simple bullet to the head will do the trick too. In this guide we’re going to go over how to get all the weapons forms in Control.

How to Get all Service Weapon Forms

Other than Grip, all Service Weapon Forms in Control require Source and Materials to purchase and eventually upgrade. Provided you’re not rushing through each section of the game, you should come pretty close to unlocking the base form of each weapon without too much grinding.

GripObtained in the Director’s Office in the game’s opening mission.
ShatterAvailable for purchase after reaching your first control point.
SpinPurchasable once you get clearance level 2 via the main missions.
PierceObtainable after progressing through Research in the main mission Old Boys Club
ChargeCan be purchased after reaching the Panopticon in Containment via the main mission.

Check out our guides for getting more source, and getting all materials in Control if you’re see that you’re missing some.

In short though, if you’re missing source you simply need to complete some missions and defeat enemies; and for materials you’ll need to farm the correct corresponding area.

You can also upgrade each weapon in Control up to two times to increase its damage output and also add another mod slot up to three.

If you’re not sure which Weapon Forms you should upgrade first, check out our recommendations for the best weapons in Control.

Don’t underestimate mods as they can add a ton of damage when slotted properly. Always make sure you’re periodically checking the mods you have found and swapping out lower tier mods for the higher tier ones you’ll find later on as you progress through Control.

That’s all you need to know about how to get all Weapon Forms in Control. For more tips and tricks for Control, be sure to check out our wiki guide which is loaded with guides. Also, if you’re interested in our full thoughts on the game itself, read our full scored review.

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