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Control: Oceanview Motel Threshold Puzzle Guide

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Control: Oceanview Motel Threshold Puzzle Guide

While Control is mostly focused on action, there are helpings of some light puzzling mixed in to break up all the shooting and launching. One which might be a bit tricky is the Oceanview Motel puzzle in Control’s Threshold mission. Here’s what you need to know.

Control Threshold Puzzle Guide

This isn’t your first time making a brief stay at the Oceanview Motel in Control, but each time you end up here, the puzzle ends up changing.

The puzzle in this iteration is a bit tricky, since at first glance nothing really appears to be off. Start by using the bell to open up the doors.

There’s one room that’s normal with nothing to interact with, and then a room where you can interact with stuff, but it’s not really clear what you need to do.

If you’re completely clueless, you’ll end up just moving things around aimlessly for a while.

If you have a keen eye though, you’ll notice certain aspects of the first room are the same, and different from the second room. So here’s the trick, you need to look at the first room, and get it to match the second room exactly.

Rather than going through every single object in the room, we’ll make it very simple for you. Everything in the second room needs to be interacted with once except for the chair which should be left pulled out.

Once you have done this correctly, an eerie noise will ring out and you’ll know that the rooms match.

A third door will then open which will contain the key that you need to open the Pyramid door back in the hallway where you entered.

And that’s it for how to figure out the Threshold mission puzzle in Control. Easy peasy once you know what to do. Hopefully your stay at the Oceanview Motel was another brief one.

For more tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions answered, be sure to check out our Control wiki guide.

In short, here’s how to clear the Threshold Puzzle at the Oceanview Motel in Control

  1. Observe the differences between the first, and second room.

    Use the bell to open the doors.

  2. Go to the second room and interact with every object except the chair to match the first room.

  3. A third door will open, grab the key and exit the motel.

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