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Judgment for PS4 Gets New Trailer Focusing on Combat Gameplay

Judgement, Project Judge

Judgment for PS4 Gets New Trailer Focusing on Combat Gameplay

Today Sega released a brand new trailer of its upcoming Yakuza spin-off Judgment.

The trailer focuses on combat and specifically showcases the styles that the protagonist Yagami can switch into to demolish his opponents.

He is a very versatile fighter, perhaps even more than Kazuma Kiryu, and he can certainly hold his own on the street, despite having a very different way of fighting.

You can check the trailer out below both with English and Japanese voice acting. Of course, the game will come with both voice options, so it’ll be suitable for everyone regardless of language preference, which is always very welcome when publishers want to go the extra mile.

If you want to see more, you can check out more videos starring Kazuya Ayabe’s voice actor Matt Yang King, the protagonist’s voice Greg Chun, additional clips focusing on Masaharu Kaito and Mafuyu Fuji, and even more dedicated to Mitsuru Kuroiwa.

Incidentally, we recently learned that Judgment will be re-released in Japan following the sudden removal from sale due to a drug scandal involving one of its actors. It will actually come after the launch in North America and Europe, which will happen on June 25. The platform is PS4 in all regions.

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