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Final Fantasy XIV Getting Free Login Campaign in Preparation for Shadowbringers Expansion

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Getting Free Login Campaign in Preparation for Shadowbringers Expansion

Square Enix is preparing to launch Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion Shadowbringers, and they’re eager to let players with lapsed accounts experience the story building up to the new chapter.

Starting today, and until June 17, players with inactive service accounts can log into the game and play for up to seven days in order to experience what they have been missing, including the latest storylines that set the stage for Shadowbringers.

I won’t share any spoilers, but I suggest you bring some tissues along for the ride. Eligible accounts are described as follows:

  • Users who have previously purchased and registered FINAL FANTASY XIV.
  • All registered service accounts are set as inactive during the campaign period.
  • Registered service account must have been inactive for at least thirty days.

The free login periods starts as soon as you enter the game and ends on the seventh day at  11:59 p.m. (PDT).

Below you can read a few notes and caveats.

  • The free login period begins as soon as you log into the game launcher using your Square Enix user name and password.
  • Including the day on which you first log in, the free login period lasts approximately seven days. For example, players who log in on April 20, 2019 at 12:00 a.m. (PDT) can play free of charge until April 26, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. (PDT)
  • Players who are logged in when their free login period expires will be forcibly logged out from the game.
  • Players with multiple service accounts registered to a single Square Enix account cannot participate if at least one of the accounts is currently active.
  • Service accounts that have been canceled or suspended due to a violation of the service agreement cannot participate.
  • Players who purchase a subscription during their free login period will forfeit the remaining duration of said period.
  • Players cannot log in using a platform on which their service accounts have not been registered.
  • Players can log in using all platforms on which their service account has been registered.
  • When attempting to participate in the free login campaign using a Square Enix account with multiple service accounts, the free login period will be valid only for the first service account selected upon logging in. Please note that you may be unable to participate in the free login campaign with more than one service account at a time. If you cannot log in using a second service account even after meeting all other requirements, we ask that you wait for the free login period to expire on your first service account and try again.
  • Server maintenance may be carried out during the free login period. Please note that you will be unable to log in to the game during maintenance.
  • In accordance with the expansion of the North American data center, maintenance is scheduled to take place for an extended period on Tuesday, April 23, 2019. Please note that you will be unable to log into the game during this maintenance.

Incidentally, tomorrow we’re getting the launch of the Hatching Tide seasonal event as an additional Easter treat. A Final Fantasy XV crossover event will also launch in a few days.

If you want to know more about Final Fantasy XIV and its upcoming expansion Shadowbringers, you can check out the latest reveals from Tokyo FanFest including the Dancer job and the Hrothgar race an official batch of screenshots, and a look on how the new city of Crystarium has been created.

If you’d like to get ready before the expansion’s release, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is currently available for PS4 and PC, and a few more updates are coming. Recently, we received a full schedule of the upcoming patches.

Shadowbringers will officially release on July 2 for PS4 and PC.

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