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Anthem for PS4 Almost Sold Out in Japan in Debut Week but Sold Under 1,000 Copies on Xbox One


Anthem for PS4 Almost Sold Out in Japan in Debut Week but Sold Under 1,000 Copies on Xbox One

Following its top-twenty charts released on Wednesday, Media Create released its weekly analysis, top-sixty, and a few interesting additional details about the sales of Anthem in Japan.

We learn that the game sold approximately 78,000 copies at retail for both PS4 and Xbox One. Considering that Media Create estimates sales on PS4 at 77,938 and given how the company approximates total numbers, this means that the Xbox One version sold less than 1,000 copies on Microsoft’s console (but more likely closer to 500 or less).

It didn’t even make the top-60. Doing so is very rare for Xbox One games in Japan, even if it was recently achieved by Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown by Bandai Namco.

This isn’t exactly surprising considering that Xbox One and Xbox One X sold a grand total of 105.527 units in Japan since its release in September 2014.

More interestingly, we learn more about the performance of the PS4 version, which sold 92.28% of its initial shipment. Media Create defines it as “extremely high” with some retailers selling out. The form mentions that the game could have sold more, but some were possibly lost because stores were running out of stock.

We also heard that overall sales are similar to the original Tom Clancy’s The Division, which moved roughly 82,000 copies in its debut week. This is actually rather impressive because Ubisoft has been doing remarkably well in Japan thanks to aggressive marketing.

Incidentally, the sales percentage is nearly identical to that achieved by Ace Combat 7 in January (92,23%) even if Project Aces’ masterpiece obviously sold a lot more copies overall.

If you want to learn more about Anthem, you can check out our review, and our wiki with plenty of guides to help you out.

Source: Media Create

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