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Epic Games Details Store’s Offline Mode and New Pop-up Feature

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Epic Games Details Store’s Offline Mode and New Pop-up Feature

In a new blog post, Epic Games has provided an explainer for how to access their store’s offline mode and details on their new game pop-up feature.

Epic states that they created these instructions because while their store has had an offline mode for a while many users “may not have noticed.” Presumably, the developer saw that there was a demand for an offline mode even though it already existed.

The post notes that users can play offline even if they are connected to the internet, and provides information on how to access the mode both with and without an internet connection.

To get to offline mode on a computer with an internet connection, when you are at the Epic Games store sign-in screen you need to click the “Sign In Later” option in the bottom right.

If you are attempting to log in to the store without an internet connection, you will be met with the option to “Retry” or “Skip Sign In.” Choosing “Skip Sign In” will take you into offline mode.

It is worth pointing out that not all games will work when playing offline. The blog post says, “that while most games work offline absolutely fine, some don’t – notably Fortnite and Spellbreak.”

As for the new pop-up feature, the Epic Games store will be getting a notification system for when a free game is available. Starting next week with Thimbleweed Park, anytime a free game can be downloaded users will receive a pop-up to let them know.

It’s good to see Epic are committed to helping their users by taking the time to explain what was likely underused feature. Using the post to describe the brand new pop-up feature also shows that the company has learned that need to do a better job providing information about the store.

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