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3 Reasons Why Steam Should Be Sweating over the Epic Games Store


3 Reasons Why Steam Should Be Sweating over the Epic Games Store

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As you might have heard, a new challenger is approaching the arena of digital distribution: The Epic Games store. Epic Games has conquered the battle royale genre; however, they aren’t satisfied with just having the most popular game in the world. They’re going for it all now with the incoming launch of the Epic Games Store, and Valve has been put on notice.

Why Steam Should Be Sweating over the Epic Games Store

Unification of a Mobile Games Store With a PC and Mac Store

Fortnite, Epic Games Store

Epic Games has their fingers in a few different pies today; they have a history as a mobile game developer and publisher, most notably with the mobile release of Fortnite recently, but also with smaller titles in the past, such as Infinity Blade.

The Epic Games Store is going to launch with a curated set of games available for PC and Mac, but Epic has stated that they also plan to open up their digital distribution store to Android and other open platforms throughout 2019. Extending their reach into the mobile games sphere automatically makes the potential audience much larger than chaining the store to PC and Mac would have.

Using mobile games as a foothold makes the Epic Games store an even more dangerous competitor to Steam; that expanded user base becomes more likely to use the Epic Games store on PC or Mac, should they decide to make the jump. They also have the potential to create a curated mobile games environment, avoiding the pitfalls of other digital distribution stores available on mobile, bringing in a more dedicated audience.

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