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Dear Esther, Downwell and More Are Free for Twitch Prime Members Through February


Dear Esther, Downwell and More Are Free for Twitch Prime Members Through February

From now through February 28 all Twitch Prime (and Amazon Prime) members can grab a fresh batch of unique games for free.

First up is Pikuniku. This Devolver digital offering was just released on January 24, and offers cute and absurd puzzle exploration. Despite its whimsical appearance, Pikuniku tackles some very grown-up themes. According to the game’s Steam store description, you’ll spend your time helping “peculiar characters overcome struggles, uncover a deep state conspiracy, and start a fun little revolution in this delightful dystopian adventure!”

Also available is Downwell. Originally released in 2015, the game was just ported to the Nintendo Switch at the end of January.

Downwell is a platformer adventure with roguelike elements in which you’re… falling down a well. That descent is the biggest aspect that sets Downwell apart from typical platformers that usually move left to right. You can find out more about Downwell in our review of the original PC release.

If roguelike games are your thing (and you’re a Twitch Prime member), then you’ll be happy to see that The Flame in the Flood is also available in February. This survival adventure game was developed by The Molasses Flood, whose team includes members who worked on Bioshock, Halo, and Guitar Hero.

In The Flame in the Flood you’ll be crafting, foraging, and evading enemies like other survival games– but against the backdrop of a post-societal America while you float on a raft down a procedurally generated river! It’s an inventive game that has earned a 73 on Metacritic for its PC release.

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is also included in the Twitch Prime bundle this month if you feel like going on a mysterious walking-simulator jaunt somewhere in the Scottish Hebrides. While the original version featured notably stunning visuals at its 2012 release, the game has since been remastered with the Landmark Edition.

From the Steam store page, we learn that this updated version of Dear Esther “has been remade with the Unity engine, featuring a full audio remaster, and the addition of a brand-new Directors’ Commentary mode.”

Last but not least, the Draknek and Co. Puzzle Games collection is also free for Twitch Prime members through the month of February. This bundle features 3 unique indie puzzle games that all sit at a “very positive” ranking on their respective Steam store pages. Included in the trio are: Sokobond, Cosmic Express, and A Good Snowman Is Hard to Build.

All of these games are yours to keep forever, as long as you claim them before the end of February. Head to the Twitch Prime free loot page to do so.

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