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Resident Evil 2 Concurrent Player Peak Four Times Higher Than RE7

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Resident Evil 2 Concurrent Player Peak Four Times Higher Than RE7

Resident Evil 2 is off to a flying start, recording the highest number of concurrent players on Steam for any game in the series. The game peaked at #5 on Steam’s most-played list, which was also a first for the series, eclipsing RE7’s #19 spot back in 2016.

Earlier this month, after concurrent player numbers for Resident Evil 2’s One-Shot demo hit impressive figures, it seemed the game was on track for the biggest launch in the series history. While we’ll have to wait for official numbers from Capcom before we can confirm that, but it does appear their latest remake is definitely making waves.

Resident Evil 2 hit a peak of 74, 024 on Steam, compared with RE7’s all-time high of 18, 211.

The only tangible data we have for sales numbers so far comes from the UK’s Chart-track, where Resident Evil 2 unsurprisingly hit number one spot for last week for physical game sales. Its Capcom’s biggest launch in the series since RE7 and the biggest of the year so far.

You might be thinking that it’s a little strange that Resident Evil 2 didn’t top RE7 for UK physical sales, but it’s important to remember that digital sales continue to represent an increasing percentage of total sales year-on-year. It could very well be that the game has sold more than Resident Evil 7, but just not in terms of physical units.

Elsewhere, Capcom announced a free DLC update for Resident Evil 2 coming Feb. 15. Titled Ghost Survivors, it is set to feature three new story missions that explore “what if?” scenarios played from the perspective of different NPCs Leon and Claire encounter during their escape of Raccoon City.

You can read out our glowing review of the game here, or check out our guides wiki for helpful tips and tricks.

Thanks, GitHyp, for drawing out attention to this.

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