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Pokemon GO Adds More Sinnoh Region Pokemon

Pokemon GO Trainer Battles

Pokemon GO Adds More Sinnoh Region Pokemon

A new update for Pokemon GO has added a handful of new Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region to the game. The update also brings in some exciting balance changes for the game’s battle system.

With the addition of new Sinnoh Pokemon, players can now use Sinnoh Stones for more evolutions. In a blog post about the update, Lickitung and Tangela are specifically highlighted. Lickitung can now evolve into Lickilicky and Tangela can become Tangrowth.

The post also notes that trainers will now be able to find the Sinnoh Fossil Pokemon Cranidos and Shieldon. In addition to discovering new Sinnoh Pokemon in the wild, they will also start hatching from incubated eggs.

As for the battle system changes, the game’s raid battles will now be harder as Niantic is making these Pokemon “more powerful and sturdier than ever before.”

Also included with the battle system update are buffs and nerfs to a handful of moves, but the blog post did not specify which moves. The number of Pokemon that can learn new moves by using a Fast TM or Charged TM has also been increased.

This update is bringing a lot of fun additions to the game that hardcore fans should hopefully enjoy. Getting brand new Pokemon to find is always exciting for players, and the battle system changes should help keep the game engaging for long time trainers.

Finding out which Pokemon and moves have been changed should also provide the more curious members of the community with plenty to do.

Be sure to check out our Pokemon GO Wiki for any guides you might need. Some of our more recent guides include How to Use New Attacks & What They Do, How to Train, and How to Battle Your Leader. Pokemon GO is available for free on most mobile platforms.

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