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New Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots Show Off Photo Mode Updates

Final Fantasy XIV

New Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots Show Off Photo Mode Updates

Final Fantasy XIV is soon going to get a major update numbered 4.5 and titled “A Requiem for Heroes,” and it’ll include some much-requested change to the “gpose” feature, which is basically the built-in photo mode.

First of all, the conditions to use gpose will be expanded, and it’ll become possible to activate it in a broader set of situations, for instance during transformations or when you’re disabled in battle.

Manual focus will also be added, letting you blur subjects in the background or foreground at your leisure.

Perhaps the most relevant change is the ability to change emotes without leaving gpose. This replaces the previous implementation which was extremely clunky. It’s worth mentioning that you’re able to change emotes only for your character, and can’t influence what other people do.

Lastly, a confirmation menu will be added when you try to exit gpose, so that you don’t accidentally cancel it after finding the perfect angle.

You can check out all the screenshots below.

If you want to know more about Final Fantasy XIV, you can check out the latest trailer for update 4.5 (which also teased the appearance of Viera in the game), my massive report recapping all the 4.5 info with plenty of videos, and some recent screenshots showing the latest Ivalice Raid, Gear, and More. At the moment players are enjoying the Heavensturn seasonal event in the game.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PS4 and PC.

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