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PS4 Exclusive LoveR Gets New Screenshots Showing Dates and Costumes


PS4 Exclusive LoveR Gets New Screenshots Showing Dates and Costumes

Today Kadokawa Games released a new gallery of screenshots of the upcoming love simulation aptly titled LoveR.

We get to see the dating system in which we can meet one of the heroines after school and go to different destinations like parks or various establishment. The choices become more varied depending on the romance level with the specific girl. At times a monetary cost is involved, so you should keep an eye on your wallet. You can earn more money by applying for a part-time job.

Some of the options we see is going to the park (which is free), going to the arcade to play dance games (which costs 500 yen), or going to buy a swimsuit, which costs a whopping 98,000 yen. That’s a costly swimsuit for sure.

You can also have negative encounters, and when that happens twice at the same romance level, the girl will ignore the hero for a while until she calms now. At times, it may be better to take a step back.

While on the way to a date spot, you can enjoy a bit of conversation, while the event itself will happen when you reach your destination. Of course, taking pictures is also a possibility.

On top of the dating screenshots, we also get to see some of the bonus costumes which are available during the game. They’re modeled by virtual YouTuber Magical Yumina, which is a younger version of the protagonist’s sister.

If you would like to see more, you can also enjoy a gameplay video released yesterday, more gameplay footage, a previous clip, and some more introducing each heroine. We also have a batch of screenshots featuring the LoveR Days mode, poses, swimsuits, and Bloomers.

LoveR will release in Japan exclusively for PS4 on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2019. At the moment, we haven’t heard any official announcement about a western localization.

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