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PS4 Exclusive LoveR Shows Plenty of Gameplay in New Video


PS4 Exclusive LoveR Shows Plenty of Gameplay in New Video

Today Kadokawa Games released another brand new gameplay video of its upcoming love simulation game aptly titled LoveR.

The gameplay is presented by the dedicated virtual YouTuber Magical Yumina, who is basically a magical girl version of Yumina, the protagonist’s little sister.

We get to see an in-game event in the gym, followed by another photo session. Those who know the game’s pedigree won’t be surprised to hear that photography represents a very relevant part of the game.

This is the latest game by the team led by Ichiro Sugiyama, who is known for his work on games like KimiKiss, Photo Kano, and Reco Love.

If you haven’t heard about those is because they were never localized, but since the team has moved under the wing of Kadokawa Games, anything can happen.

You can check out the gameplay below. If you want to see more, you can also enjoy another gameplay video and a previous clip. We also have a batch of screenshots featuring the LoveR Days mode, poses, swimsuits, and Bloomers.

LoveR will release in Japan exclusively for PS4 on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2019. At the moment, we haven’t heard any word or official announcement about a western localization.

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