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PS4 Exclusive LoveR Gets New Screenshots Showing LoveR Days, Poses, and Bloomers


PS4 Exclusive LoveR Gets New Screenshots Showing LoveR Days, Poses, and Bloomers

Today Kadokawa Games released a new batch of screenshots and information about its upcoming love simulation aptly titled LoveR.

This time around we learn about the “LoveR Days” part of the game, which begins with a successful confession during the main “Summer Days” part.

The player will be able to talk to the desired heroine in various locations, and depending on the circumstances, a free photo session can happen. This can be done in a location of the player’s choice and without time constraints.

The girl’s reaction to the conversation will depend on time, place, and her mood displayed on the top-right of the UI. The topic range from love to sweet talk, in addition to those unique to each of the six heroines. Those can be a bit obscure, but if you properly spent time together during the Summer Days and paid attention to what she said, you’ll surely understand.

Speaking of photography, we get to see several variations of the “laying” pose. Of course, the camera angle can also change, affording the player with endless possibilities.

One last funny element is the “Bloomer Campaign.” Depending on the number of preorders at stores in Japan, up to six pre-order bonus bloomer variation costumes will be implemented. Basically, they’re different ways to wear the gym outfit, all the way to the mysterious “??? Bloomers” costume if 120% of the pre-orders goal is reached.

In the gallery below you can see two of those variations, “fully covered bloomers” and “delta bloomers.”

In other Kadokawa Games news, you can read about Project Europa and the recently-announced Root Letter Hollywood movie.

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