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Anthem Gets New Gameplay Showing Fort Tarsis, Conversations with NPCs, and More


Anthem Gets New Gameplay Showing Fort Tarsis, Conversations with NPCs, and More

Today Bioware showcased quite a lot of new gameplay of its upcoming online action-RPG Anthem.

Level Designer Sabrine Rosgren and Lead Producer Matt Gamble showcased some gameplay that “May or may not” be featured in the upcoming closed alpha.

We get to see the Freelancer Enclave in Fort Tarsis and the Markets guarded by the Sentinels. We even see the ability to add records to the Cortex, which is basically Anthem’s version of the Codex. Those areas are the only ones that will be available in Fort Tarsis during the alpha.

After that, we see conversations, the Vault, the forge, and a cutscene. Unfortunately, the stream was having some technical problems with dropped frames, so BioWare had to end it prematurely. That being said, it’s an alpha version, so this kind of issue is to be expected, especially considering that the graphics settings were cranked up to Ultra.

Interestingly, we learn that our story choices during missions in Anthem won’t affect gameplay in that specific mission (while decisions made in Fort Tarsis when you’re on your own will indeed affect your story), because players in the same session can take different decisions, so implementing them all would be impossible.

We’ll also be able to help different factions (the Freelancers, the Arcanists, and the Sentinels). Doing so will provide unique rewards tied to each faction.

Taris will also change with time, but BioWare isn’t ready to talk about how just yet.

Another treat is a look at part of the game’s map in the mission selection menu, which you can see below.

Anthem will release on Feb. 22, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Incidentally, the version showcased here was running on PC.

If you want to learn more about the game, you can read more on how Javelins will be unlocked, take a look at an interesting trailer focused on storytelling, and wait for the new trailer that will be showcased at The Game Awards on Dec. 6.

You can also check out the advanced graphics settings that will be available on the PC version of the alpha.

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