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Anthem’s New Trailer Puts the Spotlight on Storytelling


Anthem’s New Trailer Puts the Spotlight on Storytelling

Needless to say one of the biggest games out of this year’s E3 was EA and BioWare’s Anthem. As an always online experience, the amount of true single-player content and story has been one of the many concerns surrounding the game. Many fans likened their impressions to Destiny, which never ceased to impress during its development, but had provided over-promises of story that were just non-existent by the time the title launched in 2014. So how does the single player experience add to the Anthem equation? EA and BioWare have released a trailer that delves into how your character develops throughout the course of the game, and the relationships you’ll make along the way.

It’s clear that BioWare is attempting to find their happy medium between the heavy story driven experiences they’re known for, with the always live, shared world experience. The “My Story”, single player aspect of the game seems to be segregated to Fort Tarsis, where you will develop bonds with your personal pit crew. The trailer also hints that you could encounter “shadowy figures” that may cause some needed conflict to your journey. BioWare has taken on an ambitious undertaking, and it appears that they are conscious of Destiny’s missteps. Whether or not this balancing act pays off for EA and BioWare is still a question waiting to be answered.

We don’t have that long to wait, as Anthem drops on February 22, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can also take a look at 20 minutes of gameplay BioWare showed off back in July, as well as a few comments from BioWare general manager Casey Hudson on how the game is still a choice-based experience at heart.

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