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Anthem Ditches Mission-Based Structure for Unlocking Javelins


Anthem Ditches Mission-Based Structure for Unlocking Javelins

Developer BioWare is ditching its previously teased mission-based structure in Anthem for unlocking Javelins, the game’s futuristic exosuits. Instead, BioWare has opted to give gamers the choice to select which Javelin to unlock after reaching certain player levels.

Anthem Executive Producer Mark Darrah previously confirmed that players will be able to unlock Javelins by completing certain missions in the game. He also suggested that unlocking Javelins will be handled in a non-linear manner, saying that the exosuit players acquire will “be determined by the order you do certain missions.” Possibly, the team intended to have players unlock Javelins through a few meaningful interactions in Fort Tarsis, the game’s single-player hub area.

Apparently, BioWare found it difficult to balance a mission-based structure for unlocking Javelins. “We originally were going to have Javelins tied to missions but this resulted in them getting unlocked too late,” stated Darrah. “As a result you will instead be able to choose a suit to unlock at different level thresholds.”

Specifics on the level thresholds remain undisclosed for now, though gamers can “still choose the order” for unlocking their next preferred Javelin. This means you can leisurely unlock all of the four Javelins in Anthem by simply playing the game.

Javelins are basically Anthem’s take on character classes, with each suit having its own strengths and weaknesses. Players will start out with the Ranger Javelin, an easy to use all-around class. The unlockable Javelins include Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor, which function as the tank, mage, and rogue class, respectively.

BioWare and EA will likely present more details how to unlock Javelins in Anthem as we get closer to the game’s Feb. 22, 2019 release date.

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