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Overwatch and Loot Boxes Headline October’s Humble Monthly

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Overwatch and Loot Boxes Headline October’s Humble Monthly

Humble Bundle revealed the early unlock for the October lineup of its Humble Monthly subscription service would be Blizzard Entertainment’s first-person multiplayer shooter Overwatch.

Buyers will be able to immediately unlock Overwatch when subscribing to the service at $12 per month and will receive a bundle of other games to be revealed on Oct. 5. Overwatch will be the first Blizzard developed game to be offered by Humble in any capacity, including its Humble Bundles or its store, and will require a Blizzard Battle.Net account to link and claim.

The October Humble Monthly also comes with three normal loot boxes for Overwatch, which can only be received by staying subscribed to the service in November and December. Two boxes will be handed out in November and the last one in December, according to the monthly’s support article, though players must claim the game and log in before Dec. 31 to receive.

This would be the lowest price for the PC version of Overwatch yet, which is unusual considering Blizzard’s games are rarely discounted past 50%, if at all. The game has been continually updated since its launch in May 2016 with balance changes, seasonal events, smaller events such as the currently ongoing Nano Cola Challenge, and new playable characters with hamster-controlled quadrupedal robot mecha Wrecking Ball introduced last July.

Humble also revealed the collection of games for the September Humble Monthly, which gave subscribers the option to pick Square Enix’s Rise of the Tomb Raider instead of a selected pack of three games.

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