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Tekken 7’s Season 2 Will Make Drastic Gameplay Changes, Update Coming this September

Nina as she appears in Tekken 7

Tekken 7’s Season 2 Will Make Drastic Gameplay Changes, Update Coming this September

It was there and then at Evolution 2018 that Bandai Namco announced the second season of Tekken 7 to the delight of many fans. Following its crazy season one roadmap, which featured characters like Geese Howard from King of Fighters and Noctis from Final Fantasy, season two would bring over Negan from The Walking Dead. However, as the publisher revealed today, a host of new gameplay features are also being added for newcomers and veterans alike. In fact, these dramatic changes will arrive in a free update as early as Sept. 6.

A convenient addition for beginners are the ‘Simple Combo’ and ‘Assist’ features. If you’ve played Tekken 7’s story mode, then single-button commands to pull off electrics should be familiar to you. This mechanics will no longer be tied to just story mode and will appear in all but Tekken 7’s tournament mode. Next, ranking is also getting a slight change. A progress bar will now appear, and lets you gauge your performance within any particular rank.

While these are fine and dandy, there are also some real meat and potatoes. ‘Wall bounces’ are being added in as a universal mechanic. This means you can soon plow opponents against in-game walls to send them flying back to extend your combos. Besides that, some existing characters will also get a few new tricks up their sleeves through additional moves and revamped Rage Drives.

In terms of Tekken 7’s Second Season Pass, you can expect six new fighters to arrive at the complete price of $25. Returning Tekken characters such as Anna and Lei Wulong will jump into the roster on Sept. 6, the same day that season two goes live. Separate purchases will cost $5 per character.

Here is a look at Anna, Lei Wulong, and the balance changes in action:

Season two of Tekken 7 goes live on Sept. 6. Tekken 7 is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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