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Blizzard Adds Over 100 New Items to Overwatch on January 23

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Blizzard Adds Over 100 New Items to Overwatch on January 23

It’s a lot of cuteness.

Over 100 new cosmetic items will be coming to Overwatch on Jan. 23, Blizzard Entertainment announced in a blog post.

The new items will include emotes, player icons, skins, sprays, and more for all 26 heroes. Every item added on Jan. 23 can be obtainable through standard loot boxes or purchased with in-game currency from the Hero Gallery menu. Blizzard will be revealing the Overwatch cosmetics over the next week until release, starting with chibi-styled hero sprays.

Blizzard also showed off eight legendary skins, which were revealed during BlizzCon 2017 last November, and player icons for each hero in the blog post as well. Some of the skins include Widowmaker as Starcraft’s Nova and Zarya as Diablo’s Sonya.

No new event has been announced yet alongside the new cosmetic additions, since the Year of the Rooster event began on Jan. 24 last year. Although, the Chinese New Year for 2018 does not start until Feb. 16 as it is the Year of the Dog, so Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event might be scheduled around that time.

Also coming on Jan. 23 is Blizzard World, a new map featuring attractions of the company’s other franchises.


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